2012 Celebrations

Today I realized it’s been two months since I made a video.  It’s now time once again to face my not-so-subtle fear of being seen.  Willing to rise to my own personal challenge, I suddenly felt speechless.  What to say? What to say?  Here’s what I said:

As I was waiting for this video to upload to YouTube, a Facebook post caught my eye.  It’s subject?  An article entitled “6 Harsh Truths That Will Make You a Better Person” on Cracked.com.  Who could resist such a title?  Not I. (Before you click, fair warning that the “f” word is used more than once, and that’s just in the first two lines.)

David Wong, AKA Jason Pargin IRL, makes a few powerful points.  Fundamentally, my philosophy (healing of the world depends on each of us embracing and demonstrating our unique brilliance) aligns with his thesis (don’t be entitled, DO something!)  Several of his lines made me laugh out loud.

So I’m reading his article while YouTube is uploading (my internet access must be slow today), and I’m thinking “Why should I share this video about what I’m celebrating from 2012?”  Then I read this line from David/Jason:

“Misery is comfortable…. it’s why so many people prefer it. Happiness takes effort.”

This point rang a bell for me.  It reminded me of the book I’ve been reading, The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks.  He explains that everyone has one or more limiting beliefs that holds us back from “enjoying all the love, financial abundance, and creativity that’s rightfully ours.”  He goes on to say that “your capacity [for positive energy] expands in small increments each time you consciously let yourself enjoy the money you have, the love you feel, and the creativity you are expressing in the world.  As that capacity for enjoyment expands, so does your financial abundance, the love you feel, and the creativity you express.”

So yes, it is worth celebrating all the good that has transpired in my life and business in 2012. Happiness takes effort, and I’m willing to make it.  By sharing, I expand my own capacity for positive energy, opening myself to more success in the future.  And I hope that my celebrations will inspire you to have your own.

What kind of success do you want in your future?  What are you willing to do to experience it?  Are you willing to consider the possibility that all you need to do is fully appreciate the success you already have?


  1. Lourdes Pita

    Hey Debra, thanks for keeping me on your list! Loved watching this video! You are such an inspirtation! I hope to get some coaching from you next year!! 2012 was a year of establishing my insurance agency, music biz still suffering and insurance biz could be better if I learn how to delegate! One of the music highlights was doing the reunion concert with Adrienne in August! We wish you could have been there!
    Hope to connect in 2013! Happy New Year!

    • Debra Woog

      Oh, I wish I could have been there too. I love hearing you and Adrienne perform together. Would love to connect in 2013 for coaching or otherwise. I'm doing lots of work virtually now, so geographic distance won't be an issue. Happy New Year!