5 Simple Steps to Expressing Your Vision for 2012

As 2011 winds down, thoughts begin turning to 2012.  Go with it!  Now is a perfect time to express your vision for next year.  This way you’ll be ready to step into it by New Year’s Day! Here are 5 simple steps, especially for Brilliance-Based Businesswomen.

1.            Review your Unique Definition of Success

Take some time with your journal to review and reflect on your Unique Definition of Success (UDS).  Recall that your UDS means living in a way that your Needs feel met, you express your Values, your spend your time in alignment with your Priorities and you make a difference for others with your Brilliance. 

How long ago did you create your UDS?  Does it continue to hold true for you?  Does it need any sprucing up given recent developments?  Note any updates in your journal.

2.            Assess your current perception of your success

Our senses of happiness, satisfaction and success fluctuate, sometimes on a moment-to-moment basis.  What news did you just get?  How does your body feel now?  So many factors influence how successful we feel.  So as you assess your perceived success, it’s imperative that you measure against your objective, well-considered UDS criteria.

Take a look at each aspect of your updated UDS. How is the reality of your life and career measuring up to it?  How are your life and work fitting with your Brilliance, the Needs you have to have met, the Values that you want to express, and the Priorities with which you want to be aligning your time? 

Take a look at your Skills, Interests & Qualities.  Are you living and working according to your Brilliance right now? 

For each of your top Needs and each of your top Values, how full is that bucket right now?  Is it overflowing with your Need getting met and then some?  Or is your bucket almost dry, a Value longing to be expressed?  Or is it somewhere in between? 

Take a look at your Priorities.  Are you being and doing what you’ve decided is absolutely most important in your work and in your life? 

3.            Identify the gap between your current perception of your success and how successful you’d like to be

List in your journal the areas where you feel a gap between your desired success and your current experience. 

If you find you have no such gaps, wow!  You are experiencing the rare and special gift of living your Unique Definition of Success. Congratulations!

If you have such gaps, don’t let your Business Mind beat you up!  In my observation, we Brilliance-Based Businesswomen almost never consider ourselves 100% successful.  We tend to be harsh on ourselves, believing we’re never as good as we could be or as others are.  And we tend to give others way more credit than we are willing to give ourselves.  Remember that having created a UDS, you are living intentionally, and that in itself deserves to be celebrated! 

4.            Identify your theme for closing the gaps in the New Year

Once you’ve thoroughly reflected, you’re ready to look ahead.  A fun way to clarify your vision is to create a theme for the coming year. 

To begin with an example, my theme for 2011 was Expanding My Power.  In late 2010, I declared the next year would be mine to increase my reach and influence.  Throughout this year, as I’ve made decisions about where to put my energy, I’ve have asked myself: “Would doing this expand my power?  Would doing this get me closer to achieving my Unique Definition of Success?”  This year I taught three Brilliance-Based Businesswomen’s Salons and added the Advanced Brilliant Learning Community to the connect2 offerings.  Now affordable, community-based teaching, mentoring and coaching are available to everyone who wants it.  I also created the Brilliance-Based Businesswoman’s Success SystemTM Independent Study Program, which will soon be available for anyone who wants to follow the Success System on her own.  I’ve taken these steps and others toward expanding my power. 

Think about what your theme might be for 2012.  What are the areas of your life and work standing between you and feeling 100% successful?  Are they Needs or Values or Priorities?  Do they have to do with using your Brilliance fully?  What has to be different for you to close that gap?   What’s one overarching message for the areas you’d like to expand or improve upon for 2012?

Here are some examples of my clients’ themes for 2012:

  • Increasing the Peace
  • Connecting to My Brilliance
  • Feeling Free to Live According to My Priorities

5.            Add a daily, weekly, or monthly ritual to your 2012 calendar to support you living your theme

Now that you’ve expressed your vision for 2012, accelerate your success by adding regular  time to your calendar for living your vision by expressing your theme. 

For example, if your theme is learning to appreciate your Brilliance, consider slotting time into your weekly schedule for celebrating your gifts.  Create a ritual, one you do by yourself or with other people, so that you’re consistently taking time to recognize your tremendous value. 

In an early January blog post, we’ll feature the 2012 visions of the connect2 Collaborative Blog Panel.  Let us know below what yours is, so we can support each other in it coming to fruition!

Would you like personal consultation to help you clarify your Unique Definition of Success or your vision for 2012?  Email to arrange a time for us to talk about your best next steps!