After Blindfolded Hike with Twine, No Speaking Allowed (a poem)

Did not know where I was going
or how long it would be.

Had no directions except the string
I couldn’t even see.

Step by step, inch by inch,
Felt my way across earth’s floor.
Up and down the side of the hill
Then up and down some more.

After a while I felt comfortable and safe.
Then I thought “This is a trick!
Aha!  This hike is so long,
we’re walking home through this thick!”

I followed the string, my trusted guide
grateful all along I knew Stef was at my side.
And Bill and Shelly would keep us safe –
they couldn’t be far away.

Neither is G-d, my trusted Source.
I breathed.
And then
I prayed.

Periodically, I found, I chose to stop.
Get my bearings, take a rest.
Feel for the string, reach Stef’s hand.
Silent and sensing, at my best.

For on this hike I was in the Flow.
Knowing I’d stay present, nowhere else to safely go.

My senses heightened – hearing, touch, smell.
Connected to beloved friends, the ground and G-d.
Trusting string,
Bill and Shell.

Towards the end I climbed up, knee by knee.
Then Bill pulled me past some trees.

Not expecting the need or the guidance,
I slipped down then laughed with glee.

Like my prayer that morning,
I felt Loved and Protected and knew I could take my time.

When I got to the top, the string ended.
I stopped.
Were we home?  Was I there?
I sensed.  I felt no fear.

So on I walked, without string!
Feeling my way forward.
Feeling everything.

And then I felt another hand.
I walked forward as I held it.
And another helped me land.

At last I sat.
Then, gently tapped,
I stood and continued to walk forward.

The hike’s end was near.
I felt my tree.  I felt my tarp.
Relieved to be all done,
I leaned against steady trunk’s bark.
grateful for the sun.

I turned around, put up my feet
and along came Bill
with a comfy pillow for me.

I felt no fear about the silence.
No fear about the time.
I noticed my thoughts, said prayers of thanks,
relishing my quiet mind.

Then we stood and walked to center.
Felt the circle, felt the land.
Felt the light of having trusted
my own hands.
And feet.  And senses.  And The Plan.

Took off my blindfold, quietly,
blinked my eyes, glanced around.
Almost surprised to see
we were exactly where they’d said we’d be!

There was no trick.
A short distance did we go.
Up and down the wooded hill.

I stared at twine strung
between trees,
feeling I’d had
my fill.

We all walked slowly.
Off the peninsula, into the field.
Past the water and rocks and mud
that made my feet feel
wet and gushy.

I neared Wendy.
Reached out with a hug.
Felt the mutual joy and mutual pride,
neither seeming smug.

Continued walking across the land.
Ran a bit.
The relative ease!
Of seeing all that grand

And homes.
Existing peacefully,
side by side.

Came back.
Still silent.
More in my body
than in my head!

And opened my journal on my bed.
Surprised to find that I started a poem.
First time I remember
since before I was married.

Through today’s experience I felt gently carried.
So it was safe to engage in this silly rhyme.
Certain I have plenty
of love, money and time.

~ Debra A. Woog
Guided by Earthjoy
Covington, Kentucky
May 6, 2011
Copyright © 2011, connect2 Corporation.  All rights reserved.


  1. Shelly

    I never get tired of reading this poem! And, what you shared about "and so on I walked without string" YOU are brilliant Debra. Miss you!

  2. Debra Woog

    That's so right on! I felt the power of feeling at peace. I hope to experience that more often in the future.

  3. Julia

    I am amazed at your 'power' when you are at peace…. GO Debra! Julia

  4. Stef

    Oh Debra this made me tear up all over again. So honored to witness this poem right after you wrote it not to mention be there with you during the Blindfolded Hike with Twine.