As a Leadership & Career Coach, I created the Brilliance-Based Business Success System® for leaders, experts, educators, consultants, practitioners, creatives and other professionals. I personally guided hundreds of women through this system to reduce their overwhelm. The results were outstanding, so as I evolved my coaching practice over the years, I looked for a way to continue to get these tools and frameworks to women who need them. That’s how the online Brilliance-Based Business Success System® Independent Study Program (ISP) was born.

Through the ISP, you’ll learn my system step-by-step, the way I teach it to my private clients, to guide you to expand your joy and ease.

BBBSS - Brilliance Based Businesswoman's Success SystemThe ISP helps you articulate your Brilliance, create your Unique Definition of Success, release your impractical and self-sabotaging expectations, create your Prosperity Model with rates to achieve it, and choose and manage your Super Support Team. By the end you will feel lighter and far more productive.

The Brilliance-Based Business Success System® enables you to:

  • Focus your business on work that feels effortless, highly valuedand prosperous
  • Start the project(s) that always felt too overwhelming 
  • Get so clear about your priorities that making decisions and communicating them becomes much easier 
  • Quiet the voice of your inner critic so you can finally feel more fulfilled in your life
  • Become highly efficient, at work and at home, so you have time available for the people and activities most important to you

Picture Debra Woog cream cowl neckIn each of seven online modules, you’ll receive content-rich audio and worksheets to guide you. If you work through the program a few hours each week, you can expect to complete it in 2-3 months.

Every module is designed to lead you to tangible results. Participating from the comfort of your home or office, at your own pace, you’ll receive:

  • Recordings teaching you the entire Brilliance-Based Business Success System®
  • Written summaries of each recording
  • Assignments with templates and action sheets to guide you through every step 

The full price for the Independent Study Program is $597, a relatively small investment for long-lasting positive change. But because the past year has been especially overwhelming for so many people, I am determined to make these valuable resources accessible to even more minds and hands.

So right now, for a short time, I’m offering the ISP to businesswomen at a special reduced price of only $297. Order today and start the program whenever you’re ready.


Perhaps you’re thinking, “I don’t have time to do this,” “I’m not really brilliant,” “I can’t afford this right now,” or “There’s just no way out of my overwhelm.” That’s the voice of what I call your Business Brain, a helpful analytical resource that’s book-smart but fear-driven. Sometimes it makes good points, but the Business Brain rarely tells the whole story.

Here’s my response. I’ve learned the hard way that the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.  If you truly want a new result, I know with all my heart that you can create it. But to do so, you’ll have to take some new actions. I guarantee your Business Brain the results will be worth it.

  • Have you been overdoing in your life and business?
  • Do you feel worn out, overwhelmed, or uncertain about your best next steps?
  • Are you ready to feel life is manageable again?

If so, I am ready to share all that I’ve experienced and learned to support you to improve your life and business. This Independent Study Program is for the new or experienced entrepreneur who is ready to:

  • Claim and communicate your Brilliance
  • Identify the Prosperity Model that will enable you to make more money by doing less
  • Learn a powerful system of delegation and team management
  • Save oodles of time and energy, leaving you more available time to do what you love and be with the people you love 

If this is you, I invite you to begin the Brilliance-Based Business Success System® Independent Study Program and advance on your road to success right away.


Can’t wait to hear all about your newly fulfilling and prosperous Brilliance-Based Business®!

With joy and ease,


P.S. If you review the Brilliance-Based Business Success System® Independent Study Program and decide it will not make a positive difference in your life, I will refund your purchase price in full. You have nothing to lose. Your freedom awaits you.