Beauty can follow a storm

Happy August!

The kids and I are off to Maine soon to enjoy beach time with my aunt, uncle and cousins. This trip will be an excellent follow-up to our family gathering ten days ago in Madison, Wisconsin.

In Madison, I had the extraordinary opportunity to officiate my beloved cousin’s wedding. Just before the ceremony was set to begin in a beautiful waterfront park, a huge rainstorm passed through the area. All 21 of us in attendance took shelter, including the happy couple and the wedding photographer. Fifteen minutes later, the crisis had passed and we all emerged to find a gorgeous rainbow had appeared over the water. The ceremony started with the bride and groom facing it. 🌈

Marrying those two has been a life highlight for me. As a bonus, this experience offered a vivid reminder that rainbows appear only after storms. Although life’s inevitable big challenges can be loud and messy, true beauty can follow. I look forward to witnessing more beauty ahead for these newlyweds.

And now, in smaller-event news… the next Connect2 Stitch & B*tch will be Monday evening, August 21. We will begin at 7 PM Eastern on Zoom, regardless of weather. 🌦️

Each S&B is a unique, intimate gathering of people from various aspects of my life. I always look forward to seeing who attends and how the group gels.

As we each do something fun on our own (make a craft, drink a glass of wine, organize piles – whatever appeals to each person), we chat all together about life, cheer each other on, and offer each other support and additional resources.

Please join us and share your highlights.

Click here to receive the Zoom link. Or, if you prefer to come to my house, let me know you’ll be coming in person that evening.

Either way, I hope to see you there.