Benefits of Legally Mandated Non-Productive Time

I spent yesterday in divorce court, one of many sessions in this long legal process. There’s no joy or ease at family court, that’s for sure.  But I’m trying to find lessons here.

In this particular court room, no electronic devices (or food and drink) are allowed.  You have to be silent. And we had to wait our turn, in the courtroom, on hard wooden benches, for hours.  For next time, I know to bring reading material, but for then I couldn’t help thinking “Waiting here is such a waste of time!   The kids are at school. It’s a work day. I want to be productive while I wait – catch up on emails, write a proposal, support my clients, plan something!”  What’s an entrepreneur to do in such a situation?

So, in my attempt to unearth the lesson, I brainstormed and applied this list of possible activities for a brilliance-based entrepreneur temporarily unable to shine brightly:

  • Pray – I went with the Serenity Prayer on that hard bench
  • Meditate – similar to praying, but with more receiving
  • Breathe deeply – instantly relaxing
  • Compose a blog post  – ‘nuf said
  • Make a gratitude list – fortunately for me, this one takes a lot of time

Try some of these next time you’re stuck in traffic.

Have you had a situation where you couldn’t be productive or genuinely enjoy your present surroundings?  Any other ideas for how to handle it?  Please share in the comments below.