Brilliance-Based Blog Panel: Technology Tools to Enhance Your Personal and Business Productivity

Today we present Topic #3 of the Brilliance-Based Blog Panel series.  Four of my favorite Brilliance-Based Businesswomen come monthly to share their perspectives on topics near and dear to the hearts and minds of women entrepreneurs.  I welcome you to add to the dialogue by commenting below on today’s topic.

As Brilliance-Based Businesswomen, what technology tools do you recommend to enhance your personal and business productivity? We asked the connect2 Brilliance-Based Blog Panel to respond: 

Stefanie Frank – Initiative Based Writing

The tool that enhances my productivity the most is the timer on my Android phone.

When I sit down to write and strategize for clients and for my own business, something nearly always comes up to try and block the creativity. Resistance, Writers Block, Distraction, Procrastination . . . you’ve likely been there yourself.

Rather than fight this (as I did for years writing as a lawyer and during the first years after founding Initiative Based Writing®), I now manage it by setting the timer.

The moment I set the timer, I’m free. Free to create whatever draft at whatever stage it’s in without judgment, distraction or worry. Free from the phone, email, Facebook, Skype, and texting (all great tools by the way).

The “container” that the timer creates helps me focus. Opens me up to create. Frees me from distraction. The container the timer creates is simple.

Another tool I just discovered is the Omm Writer Dana, a no cost downloadable tool designed to free writers from distraction. On first use, I love it! It’s very, very simple.

Simple is often best when it comes to technology, productivity, and creativity.

Jennifer Urezzio – Know Soul’s Language

There are so many technology tools that help me both on a personal and business level.  My co-panelists will name a few but I feel I want to focus on stepping away from technology.

Often we can utilize all these wonderful inventions to sabotage ourselves and to avoid being still.  Take time to pause and have a conversation with your Soul.  This is the real key to creating successful personal and business lives. 

 So take a moment and check in to determine if you are using your technology to keep you separate from the world. If you received a yes, set some time aside just to be with you.  After you have enjoyed your own company, go out and enjoy someone else’s.  Arrange to connect in person and set the intention to be present.  When we connect on a deep level, magic happens in our lives.  

Christine Silvey – Empowered You

Thank goodness for technology tools…that’s all I’ve gotta say!

But for a tool to be fully embraced by me it has to stick to my guideline of helping me simplify my life and keep it flowing with grace and ease.  Here are a few of my favorites:

  • Google Calendar – love it! I have multiple calendars I need to manage and this helps me keep them organized, visible and easy to read with color identification for each calendar.
  • EchoSign – another great tool to easily facilitate document signatures between clients and me.
  • Dropbox – great for file sharing between office staff and easy access of files while on the road.
  • Skype – love it! My practice has easily gone international because of this little gem.
  • – Makes scheduling with multiple participants easy breezy.

Bryn Johnson – Bryn Johnson Consulting

I sit here in my office and I look around. There’s a Macbook- my lifeline. There’s an iPhone – so I can talk, text and email while also making reservations and talking on social media all from the line at Starbucks.

Inside each of these machines are applications that allow me to be more efficient. Here’s just a few:

37 Signals as the project management and company infrastructure site used by myself and team. It makes business operations so grand!

Hootsuite to manage my social media throughout the week so I can deliver on my promises to colleagues and collaborators when I say I will promote for them. It allows me to schedule tweets most especially while tweeting live and in real time on the other things going on in my life and business.

Kicklite is the NYC Subway map I can access underground to reroute my trip in a moment’s notice when there is a delay. Saves me so much time.

Zipcar is my answer to a quick business or personal trip. Leasing these cars by the hour straight out of a local garage allows me to get to client presentations, speaking gigs, shopping and vet trips with no hassle. And I can reserve and extend a reservation right from my iPhone.

How are your technology systems supporting your productivity?  High operational efficiency can enable you to increase your joy and ease on a day-to-day basis, at work and at home. If this post has resonated with you, today’s the day for you to take one important step toward living with more joy, ease and prosperity. To find out more about how you can propel your growth by up leveling your operations, email us to arrange a brief one-on-one chat. 

Stefanie Frank is an entrepreneur and triathlete who lives, works and trains in southern Nevada, USA.  She supports entrepreneurs and small business owners to write clear, influential, inspiring marketing that not only gets bottom line results but is aligned with each client’s big vision of why she’s in business.  Stef writes awesome content for private clients and has created an affordable high level “do it yourself” writing and content marketing program for creative, forward thinking entrepreneurs who believe in the power of great writing to help effect change in the world.  Visit Stef at

Jennifer Urezzio is the spiritual director and founder of Know Soul’s Language – away to create a conscious connection with your Soul.  She guides leaders and healers to create a more conscious deeper relationship with themselves and the Divine.  Download Jennifer’s free report 5 Days to a More Powerful Life with Soul Language at


Christine Silvey is a highly sought-after Master Coach, Transformation Leader, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Speaker, Trainer and forthcoming author with specialties in evolving consciousness, leadership and communication effectiveness, business building mastery, and transcending psycho-emotional-energetic dynamics.

For over 10 years, Christine has guided men and women from around the globe to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR LIFE®. Through her highly effective coaching programs, Christine can guide YOU to transcend the Thinking Mind and open to a New Way of Being in the world.  To learn more about Christine, and how she can assist you with deep change ~ profound results®, visit psycho-emotional-energetic dynamics.

Bryn Johnson spent 20 years in Corporate America as a passionate leader of high-performing teams and endless multi-million dollar projects.  ONE of her many secrets for success?  Her ability to take complicated, often impossibly overwhelming information, and to quickly make it simple and fun.  She is now bringing that same passion for planning and collaboration, along with her laser-focused implementation strategies, to her clients and broader online community.  Visit Bryn at

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