We Can See Your LoveJobs

Screen Shot 2015-01-30 at 4.08.08 PMSometimes people seem to get divine downloads.  Last week I wrote about one from my son.  This week’s comes from my ten-year-old daughter.

One day she came up with the concept of “LoveJobs”.  According to her, everyone has at least one.  (It sounded to me like this is her version of purpose or destiny).  She soon started identifying the LoveJobs of each of her loved ones.  She said mine are to “be a mom” and “help people find their way in the world.”

I am a mom, that’s for sure.  And as a coach, I do help people find their way in the world.  But lately I’ve had the feeling I could be doing that in other ways too, and I’m curious to explore how.  It’s made me wonder, while I’m pursuing this path of coaching, whether there’s another path that would capitalize on my brilliance but head in a different direction.  What if your brilliance train is riding on track 3 but your destiny is at the end of track 7?  

For example, I’ve been intrigued by the possibility of becoming a hospital chaplain one day. I’ve done some research and I know that practically it’s just not a lifestyle I can take on while I’m a single mom with kids living at home.  For now, I can consider how to bring the energy of a hospital chaplain to my current work as a mom and personal coach. I can continue to show up, with full presence, for my clients and loved ones as they face stressful situations.  I can also help them find the inner and interpersonal messages that they most want to communicate.

On any track, I can continue to be inspired by Girlfriend’s Guide to Divorce. (Hint: it’s all about authenticity in your career).  I will keep connecting, sharing, and telling my truth.  When the timing is right, the answers will come.

What’s your LoveJob?  Share it in the comments below.

My daughter and I share an unusual ability to feel others’ true potential.  I find I can see it for others even when they can’t see it for themselves.  Looking for your LoveJob, even if you’re not quite ready to take it on?  Let’s talk.


  1. Tena Lewey

    Hi Debra
    Your daughter hit the nail on the concept of Lovejobs. I will enjoy the notion and be watching to more fully understand what my own are. It's that thing I suspect that centers you, that makes you feel good about who you are and what your contribution to the world might be. A natural inclination and way of dealing with others perhaps. It would bring you joy, peace and a feeling of usefulness. Perhaps too it could be those moments, you know the ones you spend in the wilds, at the beach, in a garden where you feel renewed and inspired, or perhaps that is a Lovejob given back to us to fill us up so we can pour ourselves out again.

    I am sure I will keep this one close and be watching to notice exactly what my own are and what others might be.

    Give her a thank you for me for such a lovely concept.

    • Debra Woog

      Thank you for sharing this lovely comment! I will share it with my daughter today. I appreciate the way you expanded on the feeling of LoveJobs!

  2. David

    I love the notion of a Lovejob, and how your daughter described the characteristics and not a specific job. I'm exploring the notion that the different characteristics of a Lovejob may actually come from multiple sources – including volunteer work and even hobbies. I'm still working on it (it may be a lifelong pursuit) but noticed that just getting on the path and moving toward increased self-awareness has energized me. So, for now, I'm loving the journey as I move toward my Lovejob.

    • Debra Woog

      David – it's so good to hear from you! Yes, your work does not necessarily equal your job. Work is anything that brings you a sense of meaning, purpose, and satisfaction. So it's very possible that your LoveJob includes your volunteer work and hobbies. And you're not alone in finding these energizing. It's a clear sign that you are on the right path for you. Hooray!
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