I never blogged this week. I meant to. I just didn’t get to it.Perhaps it’s time to reflect on some of the things I DID accomplish over the past seven days. Here they are, in no particular order:


  • Prepared for and launched the new Brilliance-Based Businesswomen’s Salon with 8 awesome participants
  • Signed a new client
  • Negotiated successfully with the administration of my kids’ school
  • Dealt with my car’s dead battery
  • Led the Women Entrepreneurs’ Salon with brand new brilliance-based content (yes, we’re now running 2 groups concurrently)
  • Coached clients privately
  • Loaned an umbrella
  • Reconnected with my 1997-2004 women entrepreneurs’ mastermind group (what a fun lunch we had!)
  • Updated my Program Guide for spring
  • Found an umbrella
  • Saw 3 friends in person
  • Put together an invitation for an upcoming event
  • Ran 3 times in preparation for a 5k
  • Revised the sales page for the next Brilliance-Based Businesswomen’s Salon (coming to a telephone and computer near you June 15, 2011)
  • Played several games of Scrabble and Whirly Word on my iphone (my latest guilty pleasures)
  • Signed up for a SitterCity account and received lots of applications that sound good so far
  • Checked in with my accountability partners and my Super Support Team (who, by the way, were busy accomplishing other great things for my business)
  • Fed and snuggled with my kids
  • Received coaching
  • Handled a challenging parenting situation
  • Heard some disturbing financial news
  • Thought up a potential strategy for coping with the disturbing financial news
  • Took my son to a doctor’s appointment
  • Pow-wowed with my divorce attorney twice
  • Reconnected with a former colleague (now a brilliance-based businesswoman!) over coffee
  • Washed, dried and put away 4 loads of laundry
  • Ran a 5k, all by myself (if you don’t count the other 5999 runners)


Recently I read this Oprah Winfrey quote: “The more you praise and celebrate in your life, the more there is in life to celebrate.”

Are you criticizing yourself for not completing a particular something? What have you done lately that deserves celebration? What’s an easy way you can get that thing done and celebrate at the same time??? Please share!

(Hint – the solution may occur to you while you’re not working. My A-HA! came during the 5k.)


  1. Shelly

    Beautiful list! WOW!

  2. venuslogos

    Well, that is an incredibly impressive list Debra. I think your brilliance is shining through and is an inspiration to me!

  3. Lily

    Thank you for that quote – it is wonderful!

  4. peaceofmymindparent

    It was fun to run the 5K with you and to be present for your a-ha moment! Must have been the endorphins, but I also blogged about what I've accomplished. For every to-do list item we make, it's good to make a have-done list too. Great reminder!