Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Week 1

Oh, how I am cringing as I write this post.  

As you’ll see in the video below (reason for said cringing), I’m publicly declaring 2 major commitments this week:

  1. After 8 months off from running, I will train to run a 5k nine weeks from now
  2. I will post a weekly video blog about my process


At this point I have thousands of members of my community.  I am grateful for this.  Believe me, I have absolutely no desire to bare most of myself to you in this way.  But after deep reflection, especially on the positive results of my Voice of Vulnerability blogging over the past two years, I’ve realized that the above two challenges are the necessary accelerant for my desired growth and business expansion.  Special thanks to Peter Shankman for inspiring me to be fully visible during this process.  

I invite you to follow my journey and share one of your own in the comments below.  (Please be gentle with me.)