Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Week 3

Week 2 of training is complete!  Here are the excerpts from my daily log:

Day 1: Paused the countdown timer accidentally, so I actually ran a few minutes extra.  (That sure taught me to use the lock button!)  Very thirsty.  Calf cramp still present but not painful.  

Day 2: Went to bed stiff.  Woke up stiff.  Walked/ran through it.  Thirsty again.  Need to hydrate better in general during day.  Went slightly longer route today.  

Day 3:  Slow today.  My calf seized about half way through.  Stretching and heat haven’t been enough, apparently. Listened to Mumford & Sons – emotionally moving lyrics and music; almost started crying 3/4 of way through.  Not feeling my usual exhilaration of completion, even though I put in the full time and effort.  

Our takeaway from my second week of training relates to rigidity.  My schedule felt soooo tight.  My calf felt soooo tight.  The more I clenched under stress, the tighter and more painful my calf felt, and it became more difficult to unwind, physically and emotionally. Fortunately my weekend was filled with relaxation and treats!  Check out the details:


Where is your life or work feeling too tight, too constrained?  What do you need to loosen up?