Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Week 4

Week 3 of training for the 5K is now complete.  I’m amazed I’m already a third of the way through the training program. Hope I can keep it up.  Daily logs:

Day 1: Indoors on treadmill because left calf still very tight.  Still ran/walked.  Did better than I expected. Only went 1.5 miles. High of 4.5 mph. Easier to regulate speed on the treadmill.  Watched TV.  Time went by quickly.

Day 2:   On treadmill with Real Housewives. 1.86 miles. Calf better but not all healed. Pushed my run speed to 5.0. Got winded – took some short breaks. Biggest challenge so far in terms of speed.

Day 3:  Treadmill, watching Inside the Actor’s Studio with George Clooney.  (He’s an inspiration, in more ways than one.) 5.0 mph run, 3.5 mph walk. Still had to take breaks. Only went 1.8 miles. Why do I go farther outside (according to when I feel like I’m moving slower?

Running on the treadmill may be a metaphor for my experience in business lately.  On the treadmill, I put in my time and move consistently fast, yet as far as I can see, I’m not arriving at a new destination. Similarly, I’ve been very productive lately business-wise. I move quickly through my packed days, and my clients and I are accomplishing our stated goals.  Perhaps the fact that I feel some moments like I’m running in place belies the fact that all this activity will soon bring me to a new level of achievement.

Where in your life or work do you feel like you’re moving on a treadmill?