Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Week 7

Week 6 of training for the 5K was a relief.  I felt a lot of progress compared to the past few weeks. Major highlight?  I bought new running shoes on Saturday.  Hoping they will reduce the calf pain I’ve been feeling.  Plus, they just look cool.

Here are excerpts from this week’s logs:

Day 1: Completed Week 4, Day 3 of Couch to 5K program.  Not sure if that’s the right workout, considering today is the beginning of Week 6 from when I started.  Regardless, I’m proud of myself today.  Able to run outside, in cool 65ish temperatures.  Took zero breaks. I sweated plenty, but not profusely like last week indoors.  Listened to music.  Calves started tightening midway through.

Day 2: Decided, with Stef’s input, to skip ahead to the workout for Week 5 Day 2.  Nervous about skipping ahead over 2 assigned workouts but was able to keep up with this one much better than I expected.  Did both 8 minute runs without breaks.  Beautiful temps again helped.  Am I ready for the 20 minute run on Saturday?

Day 3: Ran the full 20 minutes without stopping, outdoors in 70 degree sunshine late afternoon.  Here’s the video I shot as soon as I returned:  

As you reflect on last week, what are you proud of yourself for?