Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Week 8

Week 7 of training for the 5K is complete!

Here are excerpts from the training log plus a video about the third workout.

Day 1: Wet path, 67 degrees.  My ankles hurt before I even left.  Completed the workout as indicated by taking one section at a time, telling myself I could stop after this one if I wanted.  Everything from my calves down to the arches of my feet hurt, even in the new shoes that seem perfectly comfortable. I must need to stretch more, but I’m not sure where to fit that in.

Day 2:  Completed 26 minute run without walking or stopping at all.  It’s hard fro me to keep going through these.  Metabolically, it’s no problem.  My structural body and my mind are much more challenged.  These are my first long training runs outdoors alone.  In the past I usually ran with a friend or at least a television show.  Now I am alone with my thoughts.  It gives me time to think – what’s compelling me to keep going at this pace?  The biggest reason is that I said I would.  Next is my health.  Perhaps tied with that is I want to see what will happen once I break through my fears and actually run consistently, three times per week.  

Day 3: Should have run 25 minutes but ran only 10(ish) and walked the rest, for a total of 35 minutes on the treadmill.  I was just too tired.

What keeps you moving toward your big goal?  Please share in the comments below.