Countdown to 5K, Real and Raw: Weeks 5 & 6

Oh, the places you’ll go. Going, going, gone. My last 2 weeks of training didn’t go as planned.

While my kids were off with their dad for a final week of summer vacation, I headed to my aunt and uncle’s house in western Massachusetts for several days of rest and relaxation. Almost as soon as I arrived, my body gave way to the pressure it had been feeling from three weeks in a row of packing my schedule to the gills: I came down with a cold. It was the kind of cold that made me want to stay in bed for days. It was the kind of cold that made me cough so hard that my side hurt. It was the kind of cold that made sure I did exactly what I went on that trip to do; I napped, caught up with the Kardashians on Netflix, and meditated. In between, my aunt and uncle kindly provided me with toast and sympathy. The cold was a well-timed, thoughtful gift, from the Universe to me.

Perhaps it’s obvious to you that I was in no shape to train for my 5K. Me – I wasn’t so sure. On the first day of my illness, I texted my close friend Stefanie, an inspired and inspiring triathlete, who has been coaching me through my training since it started. “I have a cold. Stuffed up and runny nose. Do I run in the morning if I feel the same?”

With Stef in Nevada

Stef responded with confidence, “Take tomorrow off.”

Then I confided, “I’m scared to mess up my record of following my training program perfectly three weeks in a row.”

She came back with “Adjust and accept with joy and ease.”  Yes, I see the irony of her saying that to me.

As it turns out, I was not ready to work out again for 10 days.

The following week (this past week) I returned to my workout schedule on Wednesday and Friday. Excerpts from my log:

Day 1: On treadmill because of rain. 2.2 miles, max speed 4.6. Needed multiple 20-30 second breaks to cough and catch my breath. Definitely couldn’t have run while sick. Wondering if I should run 3 days in a row this week to get all 3 workouts in.

Day 2: Frustrating running on treadmill indoors without air conditioning. Max speed 4.6. Total 2.14 miles but took breaks again. Disappointed.

Stef, responding to texts of my training logs, advised me to do 2 workouts on alternate days rather than 3 in a row. She said, “Let the disappointment go. You completed it. That’s what matters.”

I’m now applying that same philosophy to my training blog. Yes, I skipped a week of that too and have now written 2 posts sans videos, despite my initial commitment.  I’m choosing to adjust and accept with joy and ease.

Next week, I’ll be back with a video. Promise.