Cydney Smith: Reflections of a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman

It’s my pleasure to introduce you today to Cydney Smith, a certified holistic health coach who specializes in mompreneurs.  She’s so up our alley!

Briefly, what are the highlights of your career story?

I’ve had an adventurous career, having worked as an outdoor leader and environmental educator, a professor in environmental studies for several years, a co-founder of a dog sledding adventure business, a co-founder of a nationally recognized life coaching and mentoring program for young adults, a mother of two girls, and my current career as the founder of Mompreneur Wellness and as certified holistic health coach.

As best as you can currently understand it, what are you here to do? Who are you here to serve? What difference do you make for your clients?

To create a new vision for healthy eating for the modern women that is based on nourishing a vibrant life. I help busy, creative moms who are creating a lifestyle for themselves that allows them to pursue a career, their passions and be the primary caregiver raising their family– many are entrepreneurs or women who have created or obtained flexible scheduling options with their work.

Moms are on the frontlines of creating a healthier nation. Feeding kids healthy meals, learning to eat to nourish our bodies, and finding the time to do all the steps necessary for self care and eating healthy is daunting. And most of us didn’t grow up learning to cook or eat healthy, whole foods.

How do you define “success” for yourself?

Having the health, vitality and happiness to enjoy life.

What changes have you made or experienced in your life and business that have enabled you to experience more ease?

Learning to have clarity. Connect with my priorities. Keep things simple. Practicing this is what keeps the ease going.

What would you love your next breakthrough to be?

Publishing my book, and supporting 50 women in the upcoming Mompreneur Wellness healthy eating kickstart program.

What brings you joy?

My family, travel, adventure, laughter. Wholesome, nourishing foods that are fresh and lovingly prepared. The outdoors. Being with friends.

As a successful Brilliance-Based Businesswoman, what’s the best piece of advice you have for other aspiring Brilliance-Based Businesswoman out there?

‘Know thyself.’ Take the time to be who you are. Nourish your dreams and get clear on how you want to feel and on what you value.

What’s the best way for others to learn more about what you do?

Grab a copy of the guide I have for free on my website at Linkedin – Cydney Smith. Sign-up to receive it and you will also get the weekly Upgrade – one tip, trick or shortcut to healthier eating for busy moms. 

Connect with me on Twitter (@cydneysmith) and join the Mompreneur Wellness Community on Facebook.

Of course, the best way to find out what I do is to ask! Send me an email with any questions or schedule a free consultation. My contact information is at Linkedin – Cydney Smith.