Definitely Not a Rabbi

Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld Zt"l

Rabbi Shlomo Freifeld Zt”l


Back in my early college days, I seriously considered becoming a rabbi. (What, were you doing something else at age 19?)  The leadership, community building, and cultural aspects of the role deeply appealed to me.  Ultimately I concluded my faith wasn’t strong enough to motivate and inspire others.  So I decided the rabbinate was not for me.

Since then I have continued to wrestle with faith.  I knew in my heart that I believed, but I wasn’t sure in exactly what.  Sometimes my brain laughed at my heart.

By my early 40s, I became aware that my faith is simply a choice.  Could I believe there’s nothing out there?  Sure.  But I would prefer not to.

Last month, responding to an assignment from a spiritual workshop, I journaled my personal credo.  Then I wrote and said a very personal prayer.  In doing this exercise, I felt an invisible weight lift off my shoulders.  I’ve reread it many times since then, especially in moments of loneliness.   My credo and prayer bring me peace.

Now I’m not suggesting my credo and prayer should be yours.  Not at all.  But I thought you might find it useful as an example.

I choose to believe:

  • Everything/everyone in the Universe is connected in seen and unseen ways
  • G-d is for growth, expansion and success
  • G-d speaks to me through my intuition, inner voice, and circumstances
  • With G-d, my life can be manageable and joyful
  • I can’t.  G-d can.  I think I’ll let G-d.
  • G-d sees me, hears me, and loves me, always.
  • G-d will provide what I need when I need it – strength, resources, opportunities, brilliance, etc.

I choose to believe in you, G-d.  Thank you for always believing in and caring for me.  I want you with me always.  Please help me remember your presence. Please help me know and do your will.  Where would you have me go?  What would you have me do?  What would you have me say, and to whom?  What would you have me know?  Help me find the courage to make my life a blessing.

Since age 19 I have known I’m not meant to be a rabbi.  Yet I am motivated and inspired by faith.  And over time I’ve become more willing to share my beliefs with others.

What do you believe?  I’d be honored for you to share part or all of your credo in the comments below.  Care to discuss how your beliefs and prayers affect your life and work?  Let’s talk about it.


  1. Rachel

    I wrote this early in my journey it's called the Let Go Prayer
    Good mother I bring you this food as a symbol of my commitment to walk in the light that is my life
    I let go of fear and embrace faith, I rely on you for guidance and strength and move in the direction of Hope and love
    This is me living my best life showing you I can say yes to this gift through action, partnering with you to become my most discovered self
    May I let go to you always

    • Debra Woog

      That is beautiful, Rachel. Thanks so much for sharing it!