Do You Want To Be a Star?

Try to answer this question without thinking for more than a second:  Do you want to be a star?

In the past I would have answered with a firm “no.”  I’ve never wanted to be famous.  I don’t want people to see me.  I don’t want to be visible.  I don’t want to be judged.  I’ll just hide in this corner, thanks.

Yes, I am an extrovert.  I get energy from interacting with others. And my work has always been for, about and through other people. I feel the most productive when my conversation partner says “a-ha” in recognition of an insight we created together.  But I’ve tried to be quiet about it.  And over time, as I’ve had kids, and perhaps as I’ve grown emotionally, I’ve needed more and more time alone.  Sometimes I think I’ve crossed the border into Introvert Land, and I get tempted to stay there.

Historically I’ve been woefully inconsistent about sending regular updates (i.e., annually seemed like an accomplishment) to clients and friends of connect2 Corporation.  But lately I have felt compelled to share my thoughts more openly.  I’ve been learning that my life purpose involves the spotlight, that my life lesson to feel comfortable using my voice is, not coincidentally, what I’m here to teach others as I learn it.  So I’ve committed to blogging/sending my ezine weekly.  Yikes: people may be able to see me in my corner.

Recently I’ve also learned that, according to the Wealth Dynamics Profile Test, I am best suited to play the “Star” game.  In other words, my best path as an entrepreneur is actually to focus on building my unique brand. As far as I can see, that brand would be me.  And everything I’ve been experiencing in my business and my life is a component of that brand.  Ex-squeeze me?  Baking powder?  Not the answer I expected.

Last week I had another star surprise:  an opportunity to share my message on a news program with 3 million viewers.  Scary but intriguing.  The invitation seemed like a sign.  If I’m offered more visibility, I should take it, I thought. Appearing on NECN Business Live to talk about how entrepreneurs can deal with fear is right up my alley.  (Who’s been more afraid than me?)  Anchor Beth Shelburne was gracious and kind; she put me at ease as soon as I walked into the studio.

Afterward, as expected, I received multiple comments from my local peanut gallery about how I looked and what I said.  While it’s hard for me to entirely ignore the critical remarks (I have no problem ignoring the compliments) I see it all as practice.  As a test.  As the Universe saying “Are you sure?  Are you sure you want to put yourself out there and open yourself to all the judgment?”

My answer is clear.  No, I don’t want to put myself in the limelight.  I don’t want to be visible.  I don’t want to live my truth in public.  Yet I am realizing that I feel called to.  So I am open.  Do I want to be a star?  No.  Am I willing to try?  To my surprise, my answer to that question now is yes.

Stay tuned…


  1. Spacemom

    I'll have to go watch the video.
    I like to be out there helping people, but not getting the kudos…
    Really odd if you ask me!

  2. Margelit Hoffman

    I love the content of your video. My dad has a saying that I try to recall when I'm afraid: "Fear is faith in evil." If I don't face my fears, "evil" has won, and my light cannot shine.
    Kudos to you for facing your fears. Often are fears represent, as you mention, our callings. They say if something is chasing you in your dreams, try to consciously direct your dream to turn around and face it; there's most likely a message there for you.
    Now I should really start practicing what I preach and face all this techie stuff that I'm afraid of, but it turns out I'm pretty good at. Where did my fear of that come from anyway?