Early End-of-Year Reflections of a Woman Entrepreneur

My business is nearing 14 years of age. Three years ago, before I discovered my current business coach, I had already made some huge changes in my life and work.

I had recently separated from my husband, and I was the breadwinner for our two young kids. I had chosen to leave my largest client (goodbye $100k/year – yikes!), without knowing how I was going to replace the income, because I felt it was time for me to grow exponentially and that I had to let go to open space for change. I was at the beginning of the third evolution of connect2 Corporation, ready to re-imagine what I wanted to include in my precious life – what behaviors, people, capabilities, environments, practices, pursuits, values, fun, technologies, travels, areas of expertise, and impact I wanted to have going forward. I could feel that I was meant to model present parenting alongside prosperity. By simply being my full self, I would make a positive impact. But I couldn’t yet see the HOW.

I could see, however, that my coach had the track record of success I wanted to model. She understood where I was from our first conversation. She believed in me, and she could see a future for me that I couldn’t yet envision. I committed to a one-year program with her for 2010.

Each time we met, she shared tools that enabled me to refocus connect2 quickly. Equally important, she taught me how to manage my personal energy so that I could take better care of myself, my family, my clients and my prospects. 

Today, still learning new energy-oriented marketing methods and receiving masterful high-level coaching, I continue to expand. This year I’ve generated record-breaking annual income. Last month alone, our revenue was commensurate with a quarter-million-dollar annual-revenue business. And although it’s still 2012, we’re already on track for another breakthrough year in 2013.  Most importantly, I am feeling, truly feeling, more joy and more ease in my life than ever before.

During these three years my coach has led me through transformation, one-on-one and within her powerful mastermind group. I’ve built invaluable bonds with smart, sensitive women who are now my lifelong friends. I am profoundly grateful for my experiences with coaching, and looking forward to continuing in 2013.

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  2. Audrey Monnier

    It is a good read and I once felt the same when I was still struggling with my small start-up business. I bet that this will be a good read for the women who are looking to start a career based on enterpreneurship.
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  3. @joshuabrickman

    Wow that's great news Deb. Catch up soon….