Entrepreneurs Are Crazy

Have you seen this article by Kim Lysik Di Santi, Entrepreneurs Are Crazy People? I read the headline and had to laugh. Count me in! As a single mom with my own business, I am… busy, to put it lightly.

A trend I’ve noticed in my coaching work lately is that –big shocker — entrepreneurs and other leaders are saying (not-always jokingly) they feel close to going insane. There’s just too much on our plates!

One small way I help my clients is to explore what kinds of activities they enjoy and find ways to integrate them for small moments of comfort. Whether it’s drinking a tall vanilla skim latte during a conference call, or waking up 15 minutes early to get some yoga in, I want to know what calms and helps you keep things in perspective. I’d like to share some of your answers on my blog with a profile of you and what you do!

This week I’ve increased my sanity by expanding the connect2 team! Please join me in welcoming Mari Metzgar, our new client care manager. I’m delighted that Margelit Hoffman continues onboard as my marketing assistant and Jessica Zambarano continues as director of events and operations.

Can’t wait to see your comments below about what keeps you sane! I’m off now to get a hot beverage.