Get Organized!

Do you have papers all over your desk?  Piles all over your house?

Periodically I share with you a Brilliance-Based Tool: information or software that can help you run  your Brilliance-Based Business  or Career with more joy and ease.  Today’s recommendation features the hands-down best organizing system I’ve ever encountered. Originally thanks to my now-friend Cristin Lind, I’ve been using it for close to nine years.  The GO System is all about workplace productivity.  But I also apply it to organize every aspect of my life’s physical and virtual paperwork.  (Just as a parent, that’s a lot!)

Years ago, I participated in a training program to learn the GO System.  That training program literally changed my life.  I went from referring daily to my 300+ item electronic task list (stressful!) to referring to one simple folder that contains all my tasks and projects for the day (manageable!).  Best of all, I know where everything in my office is – every client folder and resource from my 12+ years in business.

If you’re curious about learning more, quickly and inexpensively, you check out Getting Organized, Improving Focus, Organization and Productivity.  The book itself is organized to be an easy (skimmable) read.  It’s chock full of tips and strategies for getting and staying organized.

In my experience and many of my clients’, decluttering and organizing can give you the gift of peace of mind.  I cleaned out a closet yesterday morning and the process was mood-altering.  If you’re feeling the need to lighten your load this summer, take a look at the book and let me know your reactions. If you are feeling organized already, tell us: how, pray-tell, do you do it?