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thanksgiving graphicI haven’t blogged for over two months. I’m almost ashamed to admit it, although it’s perfectly obvious to anyone who visits.

Lately, parenting a kid with chronic illness has seemed to swallow my energy for capturing my reflections. I’ve come to a surprising place where I prefer to let them slip through my fingers. Remarkably, since late September I’ve let myself off the hook from all but the bare essentials in my business. I simply haven’t had the energy for work as I knew it.

Instead, I’ve been investing in more quality time with my kids, managing my kids’ care and my household, sleeping on a regular basis, exercising regularly(!) again, reading more of what others have written, eliminating my email backlog, connecting with my clients, and expanding my ways of knowing by participating in workshops on Buddhism, Shamanism, and painting. And oh – along the way, my team and I completely overhauled my website. (Let me know in the comment section what you think of it).

I’ve also further narrowed my understanding of my preferred work going forward. My ideal client is a leader, expert, educator, consultant, or other creative professional who delivers services based on her knowledge and know-how. She may be self-employed or employed by someone else. She probably has a graduate degree. She likely takes care of kids or other family members in addition to her work responsibilities. She is committed to her expansion but currently she’s feeling overwhelmed or constantly time-crunched. She wants to shift to feeling joy and ease at home and work but doesn’t know how to get there. This is who I’ve benefitted most in my recent years of personal coaching, and who I believe I’m meant to serve going forward.  Know such a person? Please send her my way.

It’s been critical for me to step back from work, expand my knowledge, and take care of myself these past several weeks so that I can continue to be of use to others. I expect this phase to continue for a while more.

Stay tuned…


  1. Stef

    LOVE the new site look my friend and what you've written here is powerful. I know I needed to hear it — for many reasons. Staying tuned . . . .
    My recent post 3 Reasons Why Your Referral Based Business Needs a Content Strategy

    • Debra Woog

      Thanks for the website feedback, Stef! Without your guidance and vision, it wouldn’t have come out so well. I still have content to add, like new videos and testimonials. All in good time. 🙂

  2. @BrynJohnson

    Debra- thank you for always sharing your inner most thoughts and moments of vulnerability with us.
    Now you have me sitting here thinking over coffee where there is more room to let go of things/beliefs/ people/tasks that are keeping me from my most essential mission. that do not bring me joy. that drain me.

    As you know, I am always assessing and re-assessing. like you comment about sleep- I could always use more sleep.
    Lately reading books (and yes- playing candy crush) have been come the "wind-down, stop thinking about work" activities and they are really working for me!

    Your children are so lucky not only that you spend quality time with them and manage the challenges of the household/health, but that you are modeling the way that they can live their lives too!

    • Debra Woog

      Yes – let go and sleep!!!! And then play more Candy Crush. Thanks for endorsing what I'm up to right now. It means so much to me to feel understood.

  3. Allison Schnipper

    You are just where you need to be!

    • Debra Woog

      Thanks for the encouragement and support, Allison. How are things for you these days?

  4. KWM

    (This is mommy's daughter!)

    You are doing excellent work and I request that you make your next blog about me!

    • @BrynJohnson

      Hockey and candy… great things to Love!

  5. Aidan

    (This is Debra's son.) You rock mom!!! Keep up the good work. 🙂 😉

    • Kim Daly

      Hi Aidan,

      You rock as well for being a sport and posting a comment on Mom's blog!!

      • Debra Woog

        "Mom" agrees!

  6. Jennifer Zwiebel

    Adore this Debra, I love when you give yourself permission to let things be as they need to be–because then I get to follow your example! It's been amazing to watch you deal with things as they come and do what you need to do, feel what you need to feel, and be exactly who you need to be. It's like you're shedding skin, having no idea what you're going to look like on the other end, but doing what you're being called/driven to do. Yay you! xo

    • Debra Woog

      Oh, thank you, my friend for understanding my journey and for joining me on it!

  7. Peg Kelley

    Put the oxygen mask on yourself first then on others. Trite but true. Glad you are doing what's right and necessary.

    • Debra Woog

      Thanks, Peg! I actually wrote a whole post on why I couldn't do that earlier this year, but now I'm finally ready.

  8. Devra

    You have found purpose in sharing your reflections with others, so that we can share our journeys and learn together. Reflections are first and foremost for private purposes, though, and you are being true to what you need for now. The world is a better place for your reflections, yet it will still be here when you aren't able to share for whatever reason. I know this because a wise person once told me that it was ok for me to crawl into bed instead of attend a meeting, that the world would still be there when I climbed out of bed – and my mathematical mind is trained in extrapolation…

    • Debra Woog

      Thank goodness for your mathematical mind! Now, let's both go back to bed. 🙂