Hello Highly Functioning Competent!

You fit the profile of a Highly Functioning Competent. You live in the present moment.  You are masterful at keeping your mind focused where your feet are – right here, right now. You may be content completing even repetitive tasks. You enjoy receiving reassurance.

Your dominant character traits are consistency, reliability and discipline. You consider yourself organized. You are accurate and thorough. Changing or ambiguous rules may make you uncomfortable. Creative chaos rattles you. Highly Functioning Competents risk feeling neither enervated nor rejuvenated by their work and life activities.

Perhaps you are a natural Type B personality, or perhaps you are a recovering Type A.  You’ve been burned before by doing too much and you’ve learned not to bite off more than you can chew.  But your deep need for organization sometimes overrides your willingness to try new things toward achieving your mission.  Are you doing what feels manageable yet not exciting because you don’t want to get consumed?  Are you avoiding pursuing what you really want because you’re scared to risk your comfort?

What’s possible when you leverage your Highly Functioning Competent archetype?  You could feel:

  • Engaged with and excited by what you’re doing
  • Inspired by discovering your next dream
  • More motivated in your daily life


  • Go back to the drawing board.  Schedule at least one two-hour block of time for Creative Renewal.  Spend the first hour and a half doing whatever you feel like in the moment, as long as you aren’t hearing others voices.  (You might color, go for a bike ride, or take a nap.)  For the last half hour, write in your journal a free response to the following question:  What makes my heart sing?
  • Repeat once a week for four weeks.
  • Going forward, schedule weekly time to invest in whatever makes your heart sing.  Don’t feel guilt about the self-indulgence.  Just do it!  Your larger vision will come to you through this process.

Do you want to get by or do you want to get happy?   Let’s explore how you can play a bigger game without sacrificing your sense of balance.

I invite you to a no-cost Competence Archetype Analysis Call, a one-on-one conversation in which we will explore what will truly fulfill you, why you don’t have it, and what it would take to get you from here to there.  Schedule your Competence Archetype Analysis Call now.