Brilliance-Based Blog Panel: How Have Your Personal Beliefs Affected Your Earning Abilities?

Today we present Topic #4 of the Brilliance-Based Blog Panel series.  Four of my favorite Brilliance-Based Businesswomen come monthly to share their perspectives on topics near and dear to the hearts and minds of women entrepreneurs.  I welcome you to add to the dialogue by commenting below on today’s topic.

As Brilliance-Based Businesswomen, how have your personal beliefs affected your earning abilities?  We asked the connect2 Brilliance-Based Blog Panel to respond: 

Stefanie Frank – Initiative Based Writing

Before starting Initiative Based Writing® I earned a six figure salary as a litigation attorney. The job came with tons of stress that, over the years, became my default mode of existence.

I initially approached my business with the personal belief that earning six figures must be stressful. I believed that suffering through a relentless grind of stress and executing willpower over it was necessary if I wanted to replace my lawyer salary. Not only that, I was deathly afraid of stress, so much so that I held back in my business – which prevented money from coming in.

Three years later, being an entrepreneur and triathlete helps me manage these debilitating beliefs. Receiving coaching in business and sport is essential to my mental, physical and spiritual well-being – and meeting my income goals!

Money flows more easily now that I’ve learned to get in the “zone”, where effort is certainly required but is neither forced nor relentlessly squeezed from a stressed out, exhausted place. The zone comes from within.

A great book on this is Stillpower: the Inner Source of Athletic Excellence, by Garret Kramer. It applies to anyone seeking to quiet her mind and get in the zone..

Jennifer Urezzio – Know Soul’s Language

I believe that prosperity is a practice.  I know that I create my own world.  I think this knowing and really feeling it in every aspect of my life created the biggest shift for me.   

We often try to change our life by looking outward for the answers.  If you aren’t happy with an area of your life or feel like you aren’t “making” the income you desire, I would start with your feelings about your own value. 

It was really easy for me to ask my worth when I was in the corporate world.  I had no attachment.  I knew it and if this agency didn’t want to employ me at that salary, I would find one that would.  When I shifted to my own business, for a time, I felt like I had to prove my worth.  Now, I know the value I offer to people and that is reflected in my outer world.

If you are unsure which belief to transform to shift your life, I suggest you start with what is being reflected back to you.  If you are hearing your potential clients say “I don’t have enough…,” that is the place to start with yourself.

Christine Silvey – Empowered You

I’ll be brutally honest.  When it came to building my coaching business over 8 years ago, I realized very quickly that I had a HUGE opportunity and lesson to learn to fully claim the value and difference I made for my clients. I found myself bumping up into the invisible issue most service professionals, especially women, face when it comes to asking to be compensated for the value they deliver – I would undercharge, discount, make exceptions, etc. And I wrestled with the belief that money wasn’t the most important thing. Making a difference in the world is.

And while that still mirrors my values, what I have come to realize is that if you don’t KNOW to the core of your knowing that you truly deserve your seat at the table of life, and can have ANYTHING you want while you are at the table, then ironically, you are not offering all that you came here to give and to receive. There is a piece of the puzzle missing.

I had to very quickly take on transforming the toughest relationship of all for most business owners…the relationship with money.

 I had to learn to CLAIM it!

Before I could claim it, however, I had to recognize that it’s never about the money – it was about the deeper relationship to my own self-worth and believing it was my birthright to have it—otherwise, it would never feel real and I would spend a lot of time defending, resenting, doubting and pushing money away.

Today, I am very proud to say I am a highly successful Master Coach with a thriving practice because the confidence is there to stand behind what I offer and I allow myself to receive in return for the value I deliver.

Bryn Johnson – Bryn Johnson Consulting

These personal beliefs show up as limiting beliefs. They limit my ability to step into my power and soar! Each and every time.

Probably the most looming limiting belief that affects my earning potential is “I must work hard.”

The belief runs amuck and soon morphs into: If it is easy, I must not be working hard enough. If it feels easy, I must have forgotten something. If it is easy for me, I must be charging too much. That prospect does not have any money so I should charge less to help them. I will give the client twice what they paid for to show how hard I work.

Have you been here before?

It can be really painful. But when I am aware and see it coming, I can slow it down or even stop the thoughts. I accept that these thoughts will come and it is a matter of how quickly I manage them. They will come. And for me, it just takes practice in stepping into the new thoughts. I have been working on this since day one in my business and the results have been astounding.

Awareness. Acceptance. Action.

How are your personal beliefs limiting your earnings?  A positive mindset, coupled with practical management systems, can enable you to increase your income. If this post has resonated with you, today’s the day for you to take one important step toward living with more prosperity, joy and ease. To find out more about how you can propel your growth by up-leveling your operations, email us to arrange a brief one-on-one chat. 

Stefanie Frank is an entrepreneur and triathlete who lives, works and trains in southern Nevada, USA.  She supports entrepreneurs and small business owners to write clear, influential, inspiring marketing that not only gets bottom line results but is aligned with each client’s big vision of why she’s in business.  Stef writes awesome content for private clients and has created an affordable high level “do it yourself” writing and content marketing program for creative, forward thinking entrepreneurs who believe in the power of great writing to help effect change in the world.  Visit Stef at

Jennifer Urezzio is the spiritual director and founder of Know Soul’s Language – away to create a conscious connection with your Soul.  She guides leaders and healers to create a more conscious deeper relationship with themselves and the Divine.  Download Jennifer’s free report 5 Days to a More Powerful Life with Soul Language at


Christine Silvey is a highly sought-after Master Coach, Transformation Leader, Spiritual Mentor, Healer, Speaker, Trainer and forthcoming author with specialties in evolving consciousness, leadership and communication effectiveness, business building mastery, and transcending psycho-emotional-energetic dynamics.

For over 10 years, Christine has guided men and women from around the globe to GET OUT OF YOUR HEAD AND INTO YOUR LIFE®. Through her highly effective coaching programs, Christine can guide YOU to transcend the Thinking Mind and open to a New Way of Being in the world.  To learn more about Christine, and how she can assist you with deep change ~ profound results®, visit

Bryn Johnson spent 20 years in Corporate America as a passionate leader of high-performing teams and endless multi-million dollar projects.  ONE of her many secrets for success?  Her ability to take complicated, often impossibly overwhelming information, and to quickly make it simple and fun.  She is now bringing that same passion for planning and collaboration, along with her laser-focused implementation strategies, to her clients and broader online community.  Visit Bryn at