How To Influence Others Through Writing

Today is Topic #2 of our new blog series, the connect2 Brilliance-Based Blog Panel. Throughout this monthly series, four of my favorite brilliance-based businesswomen share their perspectives on topics near and dear to the hearts and minds of women entrepreneurs. I hope you’ll add to the dialogue by adding your comments on today’s topic.

As a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman, how do you influence others through your writing? What tips do you recommend? The connect2 Brilliance-Based Blog Panel responds:

Bryn Johnson, Bryn Johnson Consulting

How do I influence others through my writing?  What a great question!

Isn’t that what it’s all about? Influence. Teaching. Inspiring. It is all about being me (big surprise!)

I want to share what I know. Share what has worked and not worked. Take the veil off and engage my audience in a story. I love a story. After years of dry, corporate writing, I find that I am having so much fun writing like I speak.

In fact, I find that one of the most impactful things I can do through my writing is
just start “talking” as if I am having a conversation with the audience. No “wordsmithing” or manipulating. I like to imagine I am sitting with my audience in a coffee shop comparing notes on business.

Of course, we all have our own style. But there are some common tips that seem to work well for me no matter what I am writing about and to whom:

  • Be specific whenever possible
  • Open yourself up. Be as vulnerable as you can be while still maintaining your personal brand.
  • Have your audience in mind as you write. I literally stop to think of one particular person who will be reading this and build my writing around what that person in my ideal target market might want to hear. What questions he/she might ask. Those are the questions I answer.

Happy Writing!

Stefanie Frank, Initiative-Based Writing

Writing with influence requires clarity about three things:

  • Who you intend to influence
  • What you’re selling
  • How what you’re selling helps people

You’ve likely heard the phrase “a confused mind never buys.” I recently heard a fabulous speaker and mentor turn this around to say “a confused seller never sells.” Contemplate that for a moment!

As brilliance-based business owners in a tough economy, it’s our sacred responsibility to create customized content that allows people to easily receive our message. Customized content always starts with influential writing.

Here are some fundamental tips:

  • Write with a specific person in mind
  • Repeatedly ask “why does this matter to my readers?”
  • Eliminate industry terms or jargon
  • Write conversationally
  • Have someone edit your work

The biggest gift you can give yourself, your audience, and your sales is to keep your writing clear and simple. The clearer you are, the clearer and more influential your writing is and the more people you will influence.

A great book on this is Brilliant Business Writing: How to Inspire, Engage and Persuade Through Words, by Neil Taylor.

Christine Silvey, Empowered You

Writing for me is a fabulous opportunity to really connect with my readers through my words.  Through language we create everything we desire in life and what I desire to create in my writing is a genuine heartfelt connection with my audience. When I sit down to write it’s with the intention of really sharing myself in an open, honest way in order to touch, move and inspire others to connect with their brilliance and the possibilities for their life.

I believe the days of “corporate writing” are gone. People don’t’ want to be “talked at”. They desire to connect with something meaningful, valuable and which inspires them to reach higher in their life.

My writing tips are:

  • I always begin by centering myself in my body and heart. I want my writing to come straight from my heart and not my head. For a recovering corporate intellectual, this took a while before it flowed easily : )
  • I think about what my outcome is. What is my intention for connecting with my audience? What one clear value do I want them to take away from spending a few moments with me? Remembering, that all of us are always looking for the WIFM: What’s in it for me that I should read this?
  • I know what inspires me is people sharing themselves authentically, so I speak directly to my readers, share what’s real, so they can see themselves in me and see what’s possible for themselves.
  • In addition to thinking of a strong headline that will draw my readers attention, I also want to inspire them into action. I aim to enroll them into what’s possible for them if they take the action I recommend.
  • Most important is to have fun in the process! Writing isn’t meant to be a burden, but an opportunity for connection and inspiration. Enjoy the journey!

Jennifer Urezzio, Know Soul’s Language

I can remember as a young girl sitting down at my mom’s typewriter and crafting stories.  I always wanted to write.  I let go of that dream for a while because I had some “learning” challenges.  When I started to embrace writing again, it felt as if I was coming home.

I believe I influence people in my writing because I speak from the heart.  I share my experiences and provide tangible ways for a person to transform their lives.

If you want to touch people with your writing, then I suggest you begin by writing for 15 minutes each day about what you feel and your experiences.  Don’t try to sound like someone else because your readers will feel that in the writing.  Just be you and you will touch people.

Do you have confidence about Your Brilliance? Without that knowledge, you might find it challenging to promote yourself – to prospective clients, employers, or even social connections – in integrity. Has this post resonated with you?  Then today’s the day for you to take this one step toward living with more joy, ease and prosperity. To learn how you can articulate and express Your Brilliance in every aspect of your life, career and/or business, email us to arrange a brief one-on-one chat.

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Stefanie Frank is an entrepreneur and triathlete who lives, works and trains in southern Nevada, USA.  She supports entrepreneurs and small business owners to write clear, influential, inspiring marketing that not only gets bottom line results but is aligned with each client’s big vision of why she’s in business.  Stef writes awesome content for private clients and has created an affordable high level “do it yourself” writing and content marketing program for creative, forward thinking entrepreneurs who believe in the power of great writing to help effect change in the world.  Visit Stef at

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