How To Keep Your Data Files Safe

Last weekend I invested some time dragging and dropping.  (No, that’s not the latest dance move.)  I was rearranging my hard drives– moving all my electronic files into my Dropbox folder to ensure ALL my critical data gets AUTOMATICALLY backed up from now on.

For the past year, I’d been using Dropbox to backup my documents.  All my work was accessible from any computer (quickly and securely!) and collaborating with my team became easier because I could easily share documents and folders with them.  Great stuff.  But I was still concerned about my photos and other media.  I didn’t want to lose the recordings of interviews I’d done or pictures and videos of my clients.  Or my kids’ baby pictures.  Or anything at all.

So recently I upgraded my free Dropbox account to their $199/year-for-100GB program.  Now *everything* – my documents, photos, movies and music – are always automatically synced to the cloud (with latest edits!), accessible from anywhere. So if (G-d forbid) there’s ever a fire, I will grab only my kids before I run out of the house.  If my desktop or laptop ever goes up in flames or gets stolen, I will lose no data of any kind.  I’ll be able to access it all simply by logging into any Mac or PC.  As an owner of a brilliance-based business(TM), in which my greatest asset is my intellectual property, that’s a tremendous relief for me.

I highly recommend you try Dropbox. It solves a real business and personal need easily.  (Full disclosure: if you choose to try a free or paid account, I will receive extra storage in my account for free. But now that I’m paying for their top annual plan, I certainly don’t need it!)How do you protect your precious data?  Is there anything else you recommend I do?  Your tips are much appreciated by the connect2 community.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!