I Am Accountable to My Own Standards

Over the past two weeks, I’ve experienced especially loud mind chatter about my desire for self-improvement in all areas of my life.  I am an active seeker, and while some days this is one of my better qualities, other days it’s just tiring.  I realized late last week that I’m making myself crazier than necessary by frequently moving my targets, just as I am about to achieve my goals.  (For example, at my highest weight I wanted to fit in size 12 clothes, but just as size 12 became comfortable I wanted to be a size 10).

Fortunately I have outstanding mentors, one of whom suggested to me Friday that I create a list of standards for my life and business.  After some soul-searching, here’s my new list:

  1. No beating myself up.
  2. No “eating to kill” my feelings.
  3. No shutting out my children.
  4. No day without fresh air, silence, and movement.
  5. No judging myself on my number of action items open.
  6. No decisions based on shoulds or fear of lack.
  7. No second-guessing my choices.
  8. No work that’s not easy, lucrative and fun.
  9. No squelching my inner “fun mama with the money.”

So these are my new success metrics.  If I want help making a quick decision, or if I’d like to evaluate my performance fairly (as a self-employed person, I frequently notice my boss is very harsh!), I’ll use these.  I’ve also asked a handful of my close colleagues and friends to hold me accountable to these standards.  And now, because I’m continuing to practice honesty, openness, and willingness, I’d like to ask you, as a member of my community, to support me by holding me accountable. If you see me, hear me, sense me not living up to these, please point it out to me in a direct but gentle way!

What are your standards, for yourself and your business?  (connect2 hint:  for entrepreneurs, they should be the same!)