I’m a Grateful, Gleeky, Biking Blogger

I had a great morning, perhaps because I combined a few of my personal passions into one experience.  For some reason, it’s a recent insight for me that I can amp up my personal time by layering activities I love into one.  Height of optimized efficiency or desire-for-joy run amuck?  I’ll reflect here to draw a conclusion.

With the cool, dry, sunny weather we’re experiencing in Boston, the day seemed perfect for a bike ride.  In anticipation I refreshed my bike for the season yesterday.  So by the time the kids left for school, I was in my padded bike shorts and fully ready to ride into the sunshine.  Biking always takes me back to the feeling of freedom and joy I experienced riding my bike as a child.  I could go wherever I wanted, at my pace, and take in or tune out the scene as I passed it by, depending on my preference.  Sure, I can do that today in my mini-van too, but it’s not the same as when I’m personally powering my ride.

I watch very little TV these days and rarely listen to music with lyrics that I personally program.  (My first-grade son requests I tune the radio to Kiss108 whenever we get in the car – how quickly they grow. When I do listen to music of my choosing, it’s usually from my Ipod play list “Music to Work By” – all soothing instrumentals.  Now playing: Spirit Call by Nakai/Demars).   In general it’s been helpful for me to stay present to my own story by saying goodbye-for-now to many TV characters and musicians I long followed.

The one show I have discovered recently that I just love is Glee.  Last week’s episode was, in my opinion, one of the top two so far.  Teacher extraordinaire Mr. Shu assigned his students to select and perform a piece that speaks his/her voice – right up my alley. I loved the episode so much that I downloaded the performances to my Ipod, and this morning, on my bike ride, I replayed the songs.  (If you haven’t yet heard Chris Colfer’s rendition of Rose’s Turn from Gypsy, your week may not be complete!)

So there I was, biking for the first time in 2010, listening to great music performed by a super-talented cast, and communing with the birds and chipmunks.  I felt so grateful to be outdoors, to be an entrepreneur balancing work I love with living joyfully, to feel inspired by nature and creative arts and my own physical abilities.  I felt — not just thought, but felt – immense gratitude for all that is good, and for the opportunities I have to help others voice their brilliance and power.  And with that deep feeling I knew what I’d write about today.

What beloved activities can you layer to create a high-joy experience? I’d love for you to spread the inspiration by sharing them via blog comments or email.