The Intertwined Energies of Love & Sales

On the very first day of the Jewish New Year, my divorce became final.  I consider that symbolic.  And a major accomplishment, considering it’s been 3 years since I’d started the legal process toward this new beginning.On the Saturday night two days later, my dear friend and I celebrated all this with a lovely dinner out.  We dressed up and called it a date.  Her partner took photos of us before we went out, like it was the prom.  How fun to have a special occasion!  I treated her to a delicious meal, complete with cognac (one of her faves), and she surprised me with a gift subscription to jDate.  Joy and ease. Giving and receiving.  Banner night.  I felt energy flowing that I’d been missing for a long time.Almost immediately after we established my account, I started receiving messages from potential suitors.  Curious, I responded to a few.  More energy flowing.That experience inspired me to listen to music I hadn’t heard in a long time — music with emotion-filled lyrics and tunes.  Love songs.  More energy flowing.

In the next days I attended Heather Dominick’s SOAR seminar on Soul-Filled Selling.  I learned valuable information and had a wonderful time connecting with many of my favorite women entrepreneurs.  (More energy flowing.) I also continued to dialogue with the potential suitors. (Ditto).  I cried a little when one of the songs on my ipod particularly touched my heart. (Double ditto.)

And ultimately this concatenation of experiences sparked a major a-ha for me:  there is a close connection between loving and soul-filled selling.  Love is an action.  Presenting my high-value, brilliance-based service is a loving action.  And with that perspective, my sales conversations now feel completely different.

Paul Simon wrote “Negotiations and love songs are often mistaken for one and the same.”  By opening myself to love again – by opening myself to experience a special night on the town and write my jDate profile and spend time with friends and listen to some mushy melodies – I have formed multiple new connections.  The more I open myself to experience love, the stronger and deeper connections I can have with my prospects and clients, which will ultimately benefit my bottom line.  Down to my toes I can feel that by opening my heart I have opened a previously invisible retractable roof on my life and my business.

What roof is over your life and business?  If you’re ready to raise it lovingly, by expressing Your Brilliance and articulating your Unique Definition of Success, let’s talk.