Work Life Balance Struggle

With Debra, I have a person who I can really talk to about my own problems – all facets of them and my struggles – and who can be a sounding board and not afraid to tell me if I may be doing something she sees as off. Not that I cannot talk to my friends, but I don’t...

Job Loss

Debra, in a short time frame and with great sensitivity and compassion, was able to assist me in clarifying the action steps I needed to take to get unstuck.

Professional Crossroads

I have really enjoyed connecting with you. One thing I have really learned is that I need verbal coaching. I spend so much of my time researching, reading, and writing, which is completely isolating. I need to talk to people — on the phone or in person. Ten minutes on...

Communications Challenge

A 10-minute conversation with you was the most clarifying experience I’ve had lately. I was so excited to share your website with my two best friends today.

Child’s Hospitalization

I turn to you for clarity, clarification, quick thinking, wisdom and compassion. Your business education, leadership experience and administrative prowess impress the heck out of me.