Debra is known for being a compassionate, empathetic listener with a familiarity with resources to help in difficult situations like divorce, medical or mental health or emergency situations. She helps people believe they can get through a crisis with support (and not destroy themselves in the process of helping a family member in crisis). Others can listen (with various degrees of judgement) but Debra has an ability to go beyond listening non-judgmentally, into helping a person make short-term and long-term plans to cope with a situation while respecting their values and figuring out what it looks like to take care of themselves too. She has an ability to pinpoint the next step in the midst of a whole lot of drama and help someone be brave enough to make that next call/appointment/decision. Also she is good with following up, and striking a balance with respecting someone’s boundaries. I couldn’t have gotten through my divorce and my child’s psychiatric emergency without her, and when it became more of a chronic condition than an emergency she was able to help me figure out ways to make that bearable too, and get me to take my version of self-care seriously when no one else ever had. She is amazing and I am so lucky that she came into my life.