Debra is known for helping to distill the essential components of what’s going on in the middle of a chaotic crisis. She can help to boil things down to the logical next steps and figure out what to do next. Lots of other people try to graft on what’s important to them rather than take the time to figure out what YOUR goals are. Debra takes the time to listen and figure out what your skill set is, what the skills of those around you might be and how to use those to help. You leave the interaction feeling competent, organized, and a sense of direction. When I’m feeling overwhelmed and I don’t know what to do, the first thing I do is think to call Debra. She helps me take stock of what’s going on around me and I can say without a doubt that after our conversation I always feel like I have a plan of what to do next. Sometimes it’s all about what to do next.