I was preparing to leave a job after 9 years. I felt that everything was up for discussion – my industry, my role, the hours I worked, etc. I knew I needed guidance to navigate my next steps. Debra was my first call. With her background and experience, she had the tools and insights to get me where I needed to go, wherever that might be. The concept of the Unique Definition of Success, the process for articulating it, and the development of systems to achieve it is the most obvious benefit of Debra’s coaching. It gave me the ability to articulate my skills, interests, and passions. Beyond that, I have better clarity about what is important to me in life, how I want to live my life, and how I want to apply my skills. I am better equipped to align how I spend my time with what goals I hope to achieve. I have articulated a personal mission, which gives me a sense of purpose whether I am working, volunteering, taking care of my house and family, or focusing on being a parent, spouse, or daughter. I have answered the question of what I want to be doing professionally at this moment, and I have learned how to be comfortable with the fact that the answer will change over time. A valuable tool from Debra’s services is the network and community, which she leverages to help her clients connect and grow. Whether it was a specific introduction to help me explore a particular topic or opportunity, or participation in Debra’s learning community, I have learned a great deal from and been inspired by everyone I have met through Debra. And, because I care deeply about my friends, and want to see them happy, and want the world to benefit from their gifts, I recommend they contact Debra. Overall, I am living much more intentionally and purposefully, and while I am not yet exactly where I want to be, I am well-equipped with the tools to keep me moving on the right path.