I reached out to Debra because I have a major leadership opportunity at my professional service firm. I needed help to evaluate and frame the opportunity and to make sure the opportunity matches with what I actually want in life. I had worked with Debra many years ago when running my own small business and remembered that she offers a clear and invaluable perspective when things feel very muddled. Debra has a masterful ability to listen to complex situations and dynamics and to distill them to a much more manageable set of questions and issues. During each of our sessions I learned something practical and concrete that I could apply right away, while we also worked together toward the larger goal of defining the leadership opportunity. I often hung up the phone with Debra and immediately called a friend or colleague to say “listen to this great piece of advice that Debra just gave me!” Debra’s business background and her extensive training allowed her to deepen our analysis with prescient questions and to offer a thoughtful and objective perspective. Together we have defined my vision for the leadership opportunity, clarified the potential challenges and what needs to change, and reflected on how to ensure that the situation meets my needs and values and those of my colleagues. I cannot recommend Debra highly enough and I’m enormously grateful for her coaching.