Debra happened to be one of my primary support partners during a very crucial time period in my life. I was hitting a rough patch in my relationship, and felt very ungrounded, like my life had flipped upside down. Debra not only was a solid sounding board, she brought a clear perspective to the conversation so that I could find my bearings. She was consistent in her check up calls and never missed a beat when it came to being there during critical moments. Although this went above and beyond her duties as my support buddy, she took on the role of a crisis counselor and made sure I was supported, one way or another. Every single phone call, she was present, positive, and caring; providing insightful feedback and compassion. She delivers her communication with the best interest of the listener in mind. She has exceptional skills in listening and problem solving, and a special and unique way to lead a troubled soul gently towards the light.