Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz: Reflections of a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman

The flow of life and love is ever-evolving…a journey I’ve been intensely traveling lately. When I met Kelly Ann Matuskiewicz, her strength, wisdom and intuition spoke to me immediately. Careerwise, she and I have much in common. Her career path shifted dramatically from the supposedly safe haven of corporate America to the more challenging, yet potentially more fulfilling adventure of creating her own business. In simple terms, Kelly Ann is an Intuitive Love Coach. As you read her story, however, you’ll see how Kelly Ann taps into the complex connections among the Mind, Body, and Spirit to enable single women to transform themselves to attract the love they deserve.

Briefly, what are the highlights of your career story?

I’ve always had an inner drive, desire, and knowing I’m meant to help people – I just didn’t know exactly how I was meant to do it. I began working at age 15 and my jobs were always directly serving people in some way – babysitting, candy striper, cashier, waitress. I remember one day very clearly – I was a supervisor and trainer at a large grocery store chain; I was in the company bathroom in tears firmly asking out loud “what do you want me to do with my life?”  I knew there was more for me, but I was feeling frustrated at not finding my path.

My family always insisted I find a corporate job for the security, pension, and retirement. So, I finally found that job and spent 11 years scaling up the corporate ladder. I’m grateful for the incredible technical skills and teamwork I learned there. But, there was still something inside me looking to serve more deeply. My continuing questioning brought me what I was looking for in a very unusual way:  my 11-year relationship ended. We were engaged and owned a home together and I thought my life was over. The dream was gone and I could see nothing for my future.

That is when I was introduced to Energy Medicine. For me the breakup was more than that – there was a spiritual meaning behind it and I needed spiritual healing.  The Energy Medicine healer quickly recognized I had a gift and insisted I look into the training for myself.

I learned about the Mind, Body, Spirit connection and was trained in hands-on healing.  I could sense energy and I learned how to help a person heal their physical, spiritual, and emotional pains.  My third eye was unveiled; I deeply connected with my intuition, clairvoyant skills, and empathic gifts.

I was still in Corporate at the time and opened a healing practice where I saw people in person for energy healing and spiritual counseling. I pursued my Reiki masterships in Usui and Shamballa Reiki. I continued to study and train with amazing, powerful teachers like Debbie Ford, Michael Beckwith, Gary Zukav, and more.

I also had a desire to understand more about the physical body and nutrition. Being a roller coaster weight-loser/gainer my whole life, it was quite a feat for me to lose and keep off 100 pounds. I didn’t change anything purposefully, but I look back now and understand it was when I began taking back my power, creating healthy boundaries, and releasing toxic relationships that my physical body did not need to keep this barrier of protection on.

I became certified in Holistic Health Counseling. I learned all of the dietary theories of the world and studied with teachers like Geneen Roth, Dr. Oz, Dr. Weil, Dr Hyman, Dr. Katz, Deepak Chopra, John Douillard, Bernie Siegel, Dr. Barry Sears and many more. 

And that is what brings me here today. One day while working at home my corporate boss called and told me my job was eliminated. I was all ready to leave, but just hadn’t had the nerve to do it on my own.

I’ve found my purpose. Actually, I was finding it along the way. I understand my journey, my pain, and my healing is what brought me here to help others. I am grateful to be serving in this deep way. 

As best as you currently understand it, what are you here to do?  Who are you here to serve?  What difference do you make for your clients?

As an Intuitive Love Coach I help Single Women identify, heal, and transform their blocks, buried beliefs, and past pains keeping them from attracting the Love and relationship their heart desires. 

Using my intuition I can precisely identify where and when these blocks and barriers were developed and they see how they’ve been sabotaging their efforts in Love, career, money, and relationships in their lives.  I help them heal these patterns, beliefs, and pains so they no longer repeat and keep them held back.  I provide guidance, practical tools, and support in helping them feel confident, powerful and free to consciously create the magnificent life they’re being called forward to.

My approach is a Holistic one and my gift is to identify the core issue and heal that. From there my clients experience relief, power, and freedom in all areas of their lives.

How do you define “success” for yourself?

Inner peace.  That is priceless!

What changes have you made or experienced in your life and business that have enabled you to experience more ease?

Owning and loving ALL of who I am. Too often we dismiss or try to hide parts of ourselves. You cannot cut off or hide one part of yourself without subduing other parts of who you are. As you embrace, love, and accept all of who you are, you expand more powerfully and brightly into the world.

 What would you love your next breakthrough to be?

I’d love to write a book. My approach to attracting love and consciously creating a life you’re in love with is an approach I have yet to discover in anyone’s teachings. I’d love to help by writing what I know from personal experience, through helping others, and through my training, to save women many years by helping them quickly get to where they really want to be by identifying, healing, and transforming what is underlying and holding them back.

What brings you joy?

My nieces! I’ve been in their lives since birth and I’m honored to be a positive influence on their lives and witness their amazingness. I get to experience childhood in a whole different way with them. They make me laugh, they inspire me, keep me in the present moment, and I can truly appreciate their openness.  

What support do you have on the journey of your Brilliance-Based career?

I’ve had the most amazing mentors, teachers, and coaches come into my life.  I’ve had a lot of success doing things on my own, but real brilliance was born through me once I allowed the support of another to be on the journey and my path guiding me as I unfolded and expanded fully into what I’m here to do and for who I’m here to serve. I will always have the support of a mentor or coach by my side because they can see for me more than I can see for myself – just as I do for my amazing clients.

As a successful Brilliance-Based Businesswoman, what’s your best advice for other aspiring and active Brilliance-Based Businesswomen?

Don’t try to do it alone!  Whatever change you’re ready to make in your life, find someone you resonate with and allow yourself to receive their support and guidance as they help you discover and uncover your inner brilliance and create an amazing life for yourself.

What’s the best way for others to learn more about what you do?

For anyone ready to find out what is keeping them from meeting “The One” or wanting to understand what may be blocking them in their lives, here is a complementary download called Subtle Secret Saboteurs where you’ll learn tips on making slight energetic shifts and experience huge changes in what you’ll experience in Love, dating, and relationships. 

One woman said “The caliber of men I’m attracting has changed! Each time the date gets better! Since connecting with you and putting your guidance into practical use I have taken on an entirely different approach to dating and it has yielded AMAZING results!”

I’d love to hear from you!  I can be reached at


  1. Joann Dunsing

    Your light and love Are Brilliant! Thank you for your inspiration.

  2. KCLAnderson (Karen)

    I am happily married to an amazing man now for a little over 15 years, but I sure could have benefitted from working with you "back in the day" so to speak. You are doing wonderful work and I am glad I get to know you a little better through our Newtown connection.

  3. Catherine

    Hey Kelly. So happy to know more of your story. Blessings as you bring your beautiful gifts to the world. I look forward to getting to know you better as we tap together:)

  4. Marcy

    Kelly Ann has amazing intuition and healing skills! It's so great to read your story in more depth. The world needs you! Marcy

  5. Shelly

    You go girl…so proud of you!!

  6. Chastity

    you are SUCH an inspiration Kelly!!

  7. Rosa Conti

    Kelly girl, I'm so glad that all of your beauty shined so brightly here … so the world can share you! ox


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