Latest Musings

Lately I’ve been having a mental battle between my desire to be creative and reflective and the interminable time pressure I feel to handle sooo many urgent/somewhat important activities.

Here’s this morning’s example of what goes through my head. Today is a holiday in Massachusetts, so I don’t have my usual Monday meetings. How will I spend today? On the one hand, I would like to write an important, impactful, significant share reflecting on everything I’ve experienced and learned over the past 25 years of Connect2 Corporation. But on the other, I need to make important healthcare appointments. And go to the pharmacy. And do my bookkeeping. And edit something for a client. And, and, and…

Are you too feeling a struggle to get life “done” at this particular temporal intersection of technology, economics, and international affairs?

On this side of the Covid pandemic, we are collectively experiencing an anxiety/education/information crisis. Most young people are getting their news from TikTok. Most older people aren’t staying informed because it’s too exhausting. Too few people truly understand how to sort truth from fiction. And even in the privileged first world, accomplishing formerly basic tasks has legitimately become harder. Plus we’re absorbing the impact of multiple wars combined with last week’s earthquake and the eclipse. Even as I acknowledge gratitude for relatively good fortune, I’m feeling an underlying vibration of chaos, fear, and not knowing that I have never before experienced.

Originally I hoped to write how it feels to celebrate 25 years in business and then share 3 lessons learned. But you know what? That has proved too big a task for this particular day. Currently, I have enough time to share only about half a lesson.

Here it is: If you are feeling out of sorts, you’re not alone. Follow the natural ebb and flow of your energy. It’s safe to trust yourself. Good things will come, even if you don’t live up to your high expectations for your daily productivity.