Golden Nuggets for Women Entrepreneurs, Especially the Single Moms Like Me: Lessons Learned from My First Quarter of 2010

Topic of the day:  my biggest lessons from first quarter of 2010.  As many of you know, as of January 1, 2010 I committed to refocusing my entire business around business coaching for women entrepreneurs.

In fact, last week at my first Dynamic Women’s Springtime Tea (more on that in a moment), I realized I’d like to be known as THE coach for single mom entrepreneurs.  We are a special breed of brave and tired women, and it’s time for us to have our own community of support.  So my three top lessons of the quarter are for me, for women entrepreneurs everywhere, and most especially those of us entrepreneurs who are also single moms.

Lesson 1:  As a coach, my biggest bugaboo is my “golden nugget” (thanks to Master Coach Heather Dominick for this term).  In other words, what I’m here in the world to learn is also what I’m here in the world to teach.  So what’s my biggest issue of last quarter?  I want to be taken care of.  There, I said it.  I’m independent and a feminist but I want my mommy.  Deep in my heart, some days I wish for someone to swoop in and take care of me… bring me a no-spill bottle filled with ice water with lemon, straighten up my desk, or tuck me into bed.  Hmmmm… if I can admit I want this, perhaps I’ll find I’m not the only one?  How would you like to be taken care of?

Lesson 2:  It’s time for me to release my need to get approval from experts.  Yes, I value expertise.  Yes, I know and respect many experts in various fields.  Yes, I happily pay for services from many of them.  But I am the one and only expert on my voice, my brilliance, my power.  So whether or not I have vetted all my thoughts and plans, I’m going ahead and putting them out in the world.  Hence, my speed blogging system was born.  Is there anything in your life or business for which you’ve been waiting on your permission slip to arrive?  What next step would you take if you were certain it was “right”?  Maybe it’s time to take it today.

Lesson 3:  My mantra of the quarter, perhaps the whole year, perhaps the rest of my life, is “progress, not perfection.”  I rarely live up to my standards of what I expect to accomplish in a day.  But I frequently make progress.  And drum roll, please, for my a-ha…. that is enough!  Again, my speed blogging system comes in handy.  Minimal editing, minimal time, putting my voice “out there”, imperfectly, to cultivate insights and community.  If you could drop your standards a wee bit, on what would you happily make progress?

Uh-oh, last minute on the clock.  A quick note, my first Dynamic Women’s Springtime Tea was a blast.  Thanks to Jenny McFadden, Ginger Burr, Kelcy Roth, and Jessica Zambarano (pictured above, left to right) for participating.  New connections and new sources of support generated among some outstanding women entrepreneurs, all in a beautiful and luxurious setting.  Can hardly wait for the second one this week!