Linda Hunt: Reflections of a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman

Most successful entrepreneurs can tell you the exact minute that they realized their potential for success. Linda Hunt, The Small Business Money Mentor and owner of The Money Conversation®, felt that moment in the back of a taxi!  That’s where her accounting, bookkeeping and business consulting services to the small business community began – helping the limo service through their business challenges. See below to learn how Linda has since expanded her Brilliance-Based Business with joy and ease.

Briefly, what are the highlights of your career story?

My career as an entrepreneur began quite by accident. I had been working in the corporate section for over 10 years and for the last 5 of those years I had been traveling 95% of the time.  During my travels I had gotten to know the owners of the limo company who drove me back and forth to the airport pretty well. They were having challenges in their business and I fell in love with helping them work through those challenges and seeing the positive impact they had in their lives. Tired and burnt out from traveling so much, one day I had what Michael Gerber refers to as an “entrepreneurial seizure” and I quit my corporate job!

That is the day I became an entrepreneur. The first generation of my business was to provide accounting, bookkeeping and business consulting services to the small business community. I absolutely loved helping business owner transform their creative ideas into recurring revenue streams and create a solution that serves the greater good. 

In the second generation of my business, I began working with other freelance accounting professionals to help them to become profitable and of greater service to the businesses they service. In the third generation of my business, I am expanding that work to all heart-centric entrepreneurs.

As best as you currently understand it, what are you here to do?  Who are you here to serve?  What difference do you make for your clients? 

I am here to help people heal their relationship with money so they can make decisions from a place of empowerment for themselves and their family. 

A lot of times, we use money as our go-to excuse, “I can’t. I don’t have the money.” It’s the one we pull out of our back pocket. It’s the one that keeps us safe and playing small. It’s the one excuse we use that we think, “No one can challenge me if I say I don’t have the money.”

Here’s the thing, whenever we are experiencing a challenge around money, it’s never about the money. I help my clients break down those barriers and heal their relationship with money by providing them quick-start solutions that make them profitable. In my experience working with small businesses, they are creative thinkers who have lots of great ideas that they struggle leveraging into cash and recurring revenue streams. 

The difference I make for my clients is I transform those creative ideas into recurring revenue streams that are in perfect alignment with who they are.

How do you define “success” for yourself? 

This is a great question! Success for me is a feeling. A feeling of my heart soaring and results from knowing I’ve empowered someone to look at themselves in a different way. My work enables me to help someone heal their “money conversation” by creating awareness of how their internal thoughts are affecting their business and their life. Then I help them to strengthen their money muscle with practical tools to help change that thought/behavior. Success for me is hearing the excitement in their voice and seeing the light in their eyes.

What changes have you made or experienced in your life and business that have enabled you to experience more ease? 

Taking time daily to be still, check-in with myself and listen.

What would you love your next breakthrough to be?

Removing limiting thinking – My theme for 2012 is Limitless!

What brings you joy?  

Simple things:  walking in nature, good food, my dogs, family, friends.  Life brings me joy.

As a successful Brilliance-Based Businesswoman, what’s the best piece of advice you have for other aspiring and active Brilliance-Based Businesswomen out there? 

If it doesn’t feel right, don’t do it.  Trust your intuition – it’s your internal GPS!

What’s the best way for others to learn more about what you do?

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