Linking Loss with Expansion

I’ll be honest with you, as I always am. Despite the newly blooming trees, it’s been a bit of a dark week around here.

Several of my friends and clients have experienced significant pain – death of a loved one, a broken bone, hospitalization of a child, loss of long-term employment. All this has affected me by extension. As a highly sensitive person, I absorb some of the pain of the people I love. And as it’s my nature to ask “why?”, I’ve been deep in reflection mode this week.

It seems to me that every loss means, somewhere in the Universe, an opportunity for expansion. The key to tranquility, I think, is to see it this way. The rub, though, is that we can’t always understand where or how the expansion is occurring. The Universe undoubtedly works in mysterious ways.

Judith Jamison, Artistic Director
Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Perhaps as an example, I also experienced a theme of inspiration this week. I attended my grandfather’s 94th birthday party. And on Tuesday I had the privilege of hearing Pat Mitchell, Marilyn Carlson Nelson, Maria Hinojosa, and Judith Jamison speak at the Simmons Leadership Conference. These five have been pioneering, creative, committed leaders. It’s an honor to hear their stories and lessons learned.

Have you ever observed a link between loss and expansion? Please share your story in the comments below.