Lynn Smith: Reflections of a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman

The connect2 team received so much positive feedback on our first Reflections of a Brilliance-Based Businesswoman post that we’re now even more excited to do more!

Today’s Reflections come from Lynn Smith, Women’s Weight Loss Coach. Get ready to feel energized and inspired…

Briefly, what are the highlights of your career story?

My career didn’t start until I was in my 40s. Before then I was a stay-at-home mom. Having not continued my education or pursued a career, when my first marriage came to a close, I found myself working at a grocery store making $10 an hour as a department head. With two kids still at home, it was a challenge.

My son made the decision to move cross-country to live with his dad. When my daughter decided she wanted to spend a school year with her brother I was crushed. Here I was in a two-bedroom apartment, and for the first time in my life I was living alone. After two days of feeling depressed, I realized this was a new beginning for me. My parental responsibilities were winding down and I could now focus on me. I made the decision right there that the second half of my life was going to be even better than the first. To celebrate that decision I took myself skydiving.

After some soul-searching I became aware that I wanted to be a coach. But my self-esteem was in such tatters I felt I had nothing to offer to anyone. Instead I became a massage therapist. As I was growing and healing, my confidence grew and the desire to be a coach surfaced again. This time I ran with it and here I am!

As best as you currently understand it, what are you here to do? Who are you here to serve? What difference do you make for your clients?

I am here to help women tap into their power and become the greatness that is inside of them. We all have a greatness inside of us, gifts and talents we are meant to share. Not everyone is aware of their greatness. It gets lost inside them. As a weight loss coach I’ve become aware it’s never just about the weight. The weight is a symptom of what’s going on inside. The weight is usually connected to self-esteem and a woman’s perception of her worthiness, or lack thereof. As I work with clients I see them start to shift, to like themselves more, to believe in themselves. I especially like working with entrepreneurial women. I love their spirit!

How do you define “success” for yourself?

Success is when I am interacting with a client and she makes the realization that she is an amazing person; that she has developed a relationship with herself. And when she starts to cry, I start to cry. That is success!

What changes have you made or experienced in your life and business that have enabled you to experience more ease?

One of the best decisions I’ve ever made is to make sure I am constantly in a coaching relationship. I have a business coach and I am also in a program of yours, Debra. As I continue to grow I want to be constantly stepping into the next version of myself. In many ways that has brought more ease into the functioning of the business because I am always improving my business skills. But it’s done more. As I allow myself to expand and grow, my feelings of achievement and fulfillment continue to expand. That has impacted my entire life!

What would you love your next breakthrough to be?

Every single one of us is a work in progress and that includes me. I’ve been working on my own feelings of worthiness and deserving, specifically in the areas of deserving success and greater income. I’d love my next breakthrough to be a financial one. Money is a resource and the more I have the more resources I can bring into my business, therefore, the more women I can serve.

What brings you joy?

There is nothing like the feeling of knowing you have had a huge impact on another woman’s life. I want to be a source of up-leveling for women and when I realize I have done that, my heart bubbles over with joy. I’ve also been known to enjoy fine, hand-rolled, imported cigars!

To learn more about Lynn, visit Health Coach Team. You can contact her directly at Thanks, Lynn, for sharing with us!

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    Great insights both from and about Lynn. Love it!