New Leaf

lilac-budEight days ago, I woke up ready. Ready to embrace the changes that lay ahead. Ready to accept my independence. Ready to manage my food intake at the same time as A’s. Ready to feel good again. Ready to move forward.  

This shift feels major. Like the times I declared I would train for and run a 5k, and did it every time. Like the time in 2008 I declared I would start taking care of myself again, after too many years of people pleasing. Like the time at the end of 2009 when I left my largest client and relaunched my business identity. But this time, it’s more personal than ever.

January through mid-April this year, I felt so angry, so sad, so hurt. I wrestled with forgiveness in my heart.

Eight days ago I weighed and measured my breakfast food. Nothing I ate contained flour. Nothing I ate contained sugar. Nothing I ate contained corn. I announced to my children that I was ready to reclaim my well being. I chopped some vegetables for lunch, mixed them with olive oil and seasonings, and placed them in the steamer above my rice cooker. It smelled delicious. I ate them for lunch and dinner. I continued this for seven more days. And I’m continuing again today. One day at a time.

I did not come to this new place alone. Recent powerful conversations with many people, including but not limited to Linda, Stef, Michelle, Bryn, Chris, Naomi, Barbara, Ginger, Erin, Cindy, Marcie, Yoojin, Ruth, Karen, and Eileen, have led me here. As has prayer. As did Jennifer Zwiebel’s Into the Light event May 5th.

This morning I watched this TEDx talk by Marcus Sheridan, one of my blogging inspirations. At the end, he challenges everyone who hears his talk to “allow truth and transparency to change everything.”  If you’ve been reading my blogs for a while, you know I’m committed. Marcus has led me to wonder, how do I take it to the next level?

What questions do you have about my Brilliance-Based Business and Life, or how to evolve your own? Post them here and I will do my best to answer via blog or vlog.