Our Brilliance-Based Lives

working womenMy nine-year-old went to gymnastics camp last week at a nationally renowned gym. Towards the end of the week, an Olympic gold medalist gave her autograph to each of the campers. Sharing her excitement on the way home in the car, K offered me one of her frequent insights. K said, “When she was signing the autographs, she didn’t look super happy about it. I thought she’d be thrilled because she won at the Olympics!”

What ensued from that observation was a spontaneous discussion of the Myth of Arrival, that imaginary future moment at which you expect to have everything you ever wanted and therefore will be happy all the time. With K, I used the examples of “when you’re finally with the fourth grade teacher you always wanted, or in high school, or in your first job”. Do you have a point like this set in your own mind? Like when you’re working at your dream company, or you have a million dollars in savings, or you find your soulmate?

Nearly half a century on this earth (um, alarming!) has taught me that we never reach the point when every little thing is hunky-dory and we’re happy all the time. We can always find some dissatisfying aspect of our teachers, jobs, relationships, or bank accounts. On the other hand, we can experience happiness repeatedly, starting any time!

Celebration is a necessary step on our path to increased success. We get more of whatever we pay most attention to. Want more good stuff? Celebrate the good stuff you have! No need to wait until someone hangs a gold medal around your neck.

Here’s a slice of what I’m celebrating today. I have an absolutely awesome Super Support Team, all intelligent, creative women committed to their individual and our mutual continuous expansion — not via desserts(!) but via personal learning and professional growth. And they are a beautiful reflection of the connect2 community and the new people I hope to draw into it.

Friday afternoon we had our first-ever connect2 company meeting via video. We used Google Hangout, and five of us were able to attend. I shared my newly expanded vision with the team, and each of them shared how they see working with connect2 will propel them forward toward achieving their personal visions. We witnessed each other smiling and laughing. The alignment felt amazing! I unexpectedly received so much energy from hearing how the work of connect2 has been life changing for them.

In the two business days since our company meeting, our already-solid individual and collective productivity rates seem to have grown exponentially. And in the past few days we’ve welcomed dozens of new community members!

Let’s keep the good energy flowing. Please share in the comments below, whether or not you feel you’ve “arrived”, what are you celebrating today?