Hello OverAchieving HyperCompetent!

You fit the profile of the Overachieving HyperCompetent. You may even be addicted to the A+, that feeling of getting things done extremely well and getting recognized for it.

Your dominant character traits are competitive, responsible, and purposeful. You see every free moment as an opportunity to do something worthwhile. You have a strong sense of the urgency and importance of your goals.  You may be attracted to “busyness,” even more than to business. You expect others to provide service at the same high level you do; some may consider you demanding.

You may relish organizational recognition (whether from a school, employer, family, or community), delighting in collecting resume-worthy accomplishments and awards. You may feel you “ought” to do certain things because they would make you appear more successful or give you a better title by which to announce yourself at dinner parties. At some level you take comfort in your overflowing plate.

While functioning as the OverAchieving HyperCompetent has been your recipe for success, when you try to do too much at once, your style is likely to backfire. Anxiety and panic will strike as you feel time slipping away without having accomplished as much as you set out to. You may find yourself having to backtrack on some of your commitments to others.  Sometimes you guiltily feel you haven’t done enough. You feel stress taking a physical toll on your body.

What’s possible when you leverage your OverAchieving HyperCompetent archetype?  You could feel:

  • Higher self-worth, based on who you are instead of what you do
  • More joy and relaxation in your daily experience
  • Less guilt at work and home


  • Take a moment to remember that you are a “human being” not a “human doing.” Recognizing that may help you keep your to-do list in proper perspective. You are much more than a title, an award, a paycheck. Your value is not tied solely to what you accomplish.
  • Balance is crucial for you, so give yourself a break. Map out a strategy for getting time away from your daily workload.  It’s imperative to find an activity or hobby that allows you to relax and release. Beware of indulging in habits that may be unsafe for you (drinking too much alcohol, overeating, shopping excessively, etc.).
  • Sometimes you get HyperCompetent because you put aside all that you’ve already achieved. Pause to reflect on and celebrate everything you HAVE accomplished.  Make a list, and throw yourself a quick solo party (or invite friends!) to acknowledge your success.  Remind yourself that you’ve already done so much!  

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