Painting Up a Storm

My newest mentor recently retired from the big time — where she ran multi-million dollar lines of business— to develop women leaders, sit on boards and… paint.  A little voice inside her told her she needed to paint.  She hadn’t painted since childhood, but she listened to that voice.  She learned some techniques and bought some supplies.  Now she paints intuitively.  She paints beauty.

Some Supplies

Some Supplies

Intrigued, I asked if I could paint with her during our mentoring conversations.  So the last two times we’ve met she’s showed me what to do.

According to her, most of what I should be doing is listening to my own intuition.  I have no plan as I look at the blank paper.  She tells me I can’t do it wrong.  So I take a breath and dive right in.  Such freedom!!!

I can’t say I paint beauty.  I just paint what comes to mind.  Or maybe I paint what comes to heart.  Lines.  Shapes.  Form.  Color.  I especially love the colors.  And I’m fascinated by what comes out during our conversations.  Painting seems to connect me with my inner five-year-old.

Upside-down Orange Trees

Both my paternal grandparents were avocational artists.  My grandmother went to art school in Paris; my grandfather started in his 60s.  I’ve never considered myself to be artistic.  I’m creative, sure.  I’m not an artist.  I can’t make anything look on paper the way it looks in my head.  But in this context it doesn’t matter.  The act of painting brings me joy.  It also seems to connect me more deeply with other emotions.

Storming with Love

Storming with Love


Is there an activity you’d like to try?  Share it in the comments below, get some supplies and learn a few techniques.  Just go for it, without self-judgment!

Can’t think of anything?  Maybe your inner voice is a little bit blocked.  Let’s talk about getting you back in touch.


  1. pegkelley

    LOL…I looked at the picture but not the caption and thought "upside-down orange trees" was two children getting insights from the universe (apropos, perhaps, to your recent newsletters).

    • Debra Woog

      Wow, Peg – maybe my art is deeper than I thought?! I definitely have been getting a lot of insights from the Universe lately, and I'm grateful for them.
      My recent post Painting Up a Storm

  2. Melissa Tapply

    The playfulness and pure, child-like joy is evident in your Upside-down Orange Trees and Storming with Love! What freedom!

    Your message is a theme in my inbox this week. My friends and coaches Amanda and Julie are conducting an "Ignite Your Creative Self" workshop in March for those of us needing to get back in touch with our creative self. Here's the workshop info:….

    It's time! Thank you for the inspiration, Debra!

    • Debra Woog

      I wish I could attend Amanda and Julie's workshop, but it's not at a good time for my family's schedule. I hope others from the connect2 community will participate. Thanks for sharing it!
      My recent post Painting Up a Storm

      • Amanda Wright

        Thanks Melissa and Debra! Yes, we must all be on the same wave length these days!

        Julie and I are getting very excited for our Workshop, "Ignite Your Creative Self!" For those who are wondering whether our workshop is for them, here are a couple reasons to attend:

        * We believe that EVERYONE has a deeply creative part of themselves that wants space to emerge and bring forth more joy into our lives. This is an especially important message for those who do not think of themselves as particularly "creative."

        * You deserve a break from the long, relentless winter weather and we are providing a warm, fun, and non-judgmental environment for the unique opportunity to reconnect with your creative and playful self!

        Come by yourself or bring a friend or loved one, and help us spread the word!