Hello People-Pleasing HyperCompetent!

You fit the mold of a People-Pleasing HyperCompetent.  You are driven to follow expectations handed down by tradition or a higher authority figure. You carry out tasks to the letter. You seek to accommodate everyone’s needs and aim to please.

Your dominant character traits are empathy, harmony, and connection.  You readily agree to requests, without giving due consideration of their impact on you or your already full plate. You crave love and respect from everyone.

Beneath your agreeable exterior, you may be secretly terrified of what could happen if you disappoint. You are hyper-alert even to the slightest of criticism. Over time, your people-pleasing behavior can drain your resources, turning your former willingness into rising resentment.

What’s possible when you leverage your People-Pleasing HyperCompetent archetype?  You could feel:

  • Deeper connections based on your newfound level of authenticity
  • Greater freedom to value your own desires
  • More optimism about the future


  • Focusing all your energy on making others happy means you’re not tuned in to your own fulfillment.  Check in… what really, truly makes you happy?  Is it reducing or preventing conflict? Helping people by sharing your unique gifts? Spending time in nature?  Put more energy into those areas.
  • Consider your dreams. You deserve to pursue your personal definition of success.  Make the choices from your perspective, not from the point of view of your role models and mentors. What will add real, true value to your life?
  • While you’re busy People Pleasing, you ignore your own boundaries. It’s time to reengage them. Choose three non-negotiables that you would like to put in place right away.  You might pick the time you stop working each day, a daily walk at lunchtime, or how many times you check your smartphone throughout your day.  

If you would like to live on more of your own terms (without fear of angering or needing to impress anyone), I invite you to a no-cost Competence Archetype Analysis Call, a one-on-one conversation in which we will explore what deeply matters to you and how to realign your life and work with that purpose. Schedule your Competence Archetype Analysis Call now.