Positive Mantras from Three Inspiring Women

We entrepreneurs need to train our brains to keep going forward when the going gets tough. A while ago I shared some of my favorite mantras via Facebook and asked members of my community to do the same.  I received some wonderfully inspiring responses. Here are three of my favorites, along with a bit of info about the inspirational women who provided them.

Jennifer Longmore

The first one comes from Jennifer Longmore, North America’s Soul Purpose Expert.  She is an international healer, speaker and author who, for more that 15 years, has guided clients to shift the limiting beliefs and patterns that prevented them from living your most abundant, aligned and accelerated soul’s journey. 

Her mantra is “I am an attraction magnet for all things ideal and the results are always greater than I ever could have hoped for or imagined!”  I have the privilege of knowing Jennifer personally, and I can tell you that she certainly is an attraction magnet with amazing results!

Felicity Harper

The second mantra is from my friend Felicity Harper.  She’s used this one to get through some major health challenges in recent years.  I admire her courage and am honored she shared one of her tools for getting through when things aren’t so easy-peasy.  “Everything is OK in the end, and if it’s not OK, then it’s not the end.”

Today’s third mantra comes from Shane Thomas.  Shane promotes fair trade at Crossroads Trade, right up the street from me, through the sales of hand crafted art from artisans around the globe.  She wrote:

Shane Thomas

The quote “Leap and the net will appear” struck me because without knowing the outcome, I have been a passionate risk taker throughout my life.  The belief in knowing “I will be alright and there is a net” has kept me optimistic through my career life even now with my transition back home to New England after 10 years in this challenging economic time. 

The leap that started the wheels came when a couple friends and I packed all our belongings in 2 cars and headed out West to the San Francisco/Bay area.  I didn’t have a job or know anybody out there; I just knew I had to go.  Before leaving, I remember saying “all I want to do is work in a creative field”.  

The net that caught me there was working my way from up from the mailroom to management at Pixar Animation Studios.  There for 8 years, I realized that I had achieved the goals I set and chose to leave the security of Pixar.  

The next venture was going back to school for fashion/textile industry in Los Angeles (insert quote “never say never” here), accumulate school debt within a high competition field, and overall challenging my “being” to the fullest.  This part of the success story is still in manifestation.  However, I’m living passionately, with no regret, and I trust there is always that silver lining (or the net) even if you have to go through the grey to get there.

Bookmark or link to this post for when you need some extra motivation. I already look forward to reviewing this page often. Thank you to everyone who has contributed so far!  And, if you have a mantra you’d like to share, please add it in the comments below.