Praying to Expand

Here’s a quick journal entry/poem I wrote recently:

Been treading water for a long time
My legs are getting tired
See and feel deep water everywhere
Keep praying for a rescue boat to come along 
So far I don’t see one 
I realize it’s up to me to rescue myself
But as far as I can tell 
That means staying here and treading this water

Get the idea of how I was feeling?  So, I started a new ritual.  prayer-printable

Every day I say my prayers. I feel vulnerable telling you I pray, but if you know me at all, are you surprised? The newest prayer in my repertoire is based on a meditation from The Big Leap, by Gay Hendricks: ”I expand in awareness, abundance, success and love every day, as I inspire those around me to do the same.”

I’ve always been super practical. And I still am. Now that I’m marrying the prayer with the practical, I’m receiving exciting results.

In general, I feel more at ease. I’m receiving specific benefits too.

Yesterday on my kids’ first day of school, despite all my best planning, I still struggled with how to resolve one kid scheduling issue. In the morning, I prayed as usual. Just the one above and a few other faves. Nothing even specific to my current dilemma. And by evening, a magic carpool appeared! (A magic carpool is similar to a magic carpet, but it involves the cooperation of more people and an earthly minivan).

Perhaps prayer works. Have any good ones to recommend?