Reaching New Heights on My Joy-o-Meter

Yesterday on a walk with my friend and our kiddos, she saw someone she recognized on the street. “How are you?” my friend asked him.  “I’m joyous!” replied the neighbor.  And he seemed to truly mean it.  What an answer!

Over the past few weeks, I have been feeling joyous too.  This is a wonderful surprise, because a short time ago I felt little more than fear. So for this week’s speed-blog, I thought I’d reflect on why.

  • I am living according to the one set of personal standards I articulated in May, rather than constantly judging myself on an ever-moving set of criteria.
  • I deepened my commitment to my mission and detached from the money angst that felt so present recently.  I put my money where my heart is and new opportunities magically appeared.
  • I am investing more time with the people who matter most to me.  I took my son to his first Red Sox game.  I’ve been marveling longer at my daughter’s monkey-bar tricks.  I spent 2 luxurious hours on the phone with one friend.  And last Thursday, at our school’s annual barbecue, I delighted in feeling comfortable chatting with so many parents and observing my kids interact joyously with their many friends.
  • In addition to feeling gratitude, I am allowing myself to feel desire too.  I uncovered and released a nagging shadow belief that desire equals greed.  Aha! – I can be grateful for what I have, and want “more”, with no guilt or shame.
  • I am trusting my creative process more.  On Friday I intuitively coached a new client to articulate her mission that matters.  She and I were both open to the flow, and by the end we experienced breakthrough on multiple levels.
  • I am being more, doing less.   (If this means I owe you an email, I’m sorry.)
  • I have been running regularly.  Last week:  3 miles, 3 times.  My new 43-year record!  It seems that as I run I release fear, doubt and uncertainty.  In their place grows more connection to my voice, brilliance and power!

Where are you this month on your own Joyometer?  Why?