Hello Secret Imposter!

You are a Secret Imposter HyperCompetent. At some level you doubt your own Brilliance. You think you’re faking it until you make it.  Others view you as successful, but you dread getting discovered as flawed and incompetent.

Your dominant character traits are flexibility, sympathy and introspection. Loved ones may describe you as sensitive. At work, you may shy away from making critical decisions or prefer to let others take the bigger risks because you don’t feel fully qualified to tackle them yourself.

You are constantly on the move, running through your daily obstacle course. Your eye is focused on the long road ahead, yet you long to live a carefree lifestyle. You also find yourself looking over your shoulder to see who might catch you for having a list of still-unfinished tasks and projects. Having so many points of focus contributes to your stress.

What’s possible when you leverage your Secret Imposter archetype? You could feel:

  • The ability to take in the positive feedback you’ve received all along but deflected
  • More self-confidence, finally!
  • Re-energized, because you’re no longer on the run from being exposed as an imposter


  • Rather than wondering how you will feel someday when you “arrive” at a particular level of education, certification, or the hierarchy, it’s time to recognize how you are Brilliant right this very minute. Take stock of your skills, interests and qualities.
  • Your hamster wheel has an exit.  Now is the time to take it. Choose to believe you are good enough as you are.  You may or may not ultimately get the hard proof that you crave; the choice to shift your mindset is up to you.
  • Refocus your energies on the activities that will allow you to  prosper from your Brilliance.

Does this prescription seem too hard to fill alone?  Many Secret Imposters report that it’s difficult to read the label from inside the bottle. So I invite you to a no-cost Competence Archetype Analysis Call, a one-on-one conversation in which we will partner to take a high-level inventory of your achievements to date and your corresponding sense of self-worth. The next step will be to collaborate to develop and communicate your Brilliance Statement. Schedule your Competence Archetype Analysis Call now.